Metooo meets Zoom

Your Zoom meetings reach a higher level with Metooo

We have integrated Zoom with Metooo to quickly create and publish your online meetings, send RSVP invitations to the meeting, manage the participation of guests and broadcast the online event within Metooo. With Metooo your Zoom meetings reach an unparalleled level of branding, and guarantee a superior appeal to your online event.

All you need is a Zoom account, and follow the easy instructions to connect it to Metooo. Once connected, Metooo will automatically export all the data of your event to Zoom, and manage the access of the attendees. The transmission of the event, carried out via Zoom, will be accessible directly from Metooo.

Import or create your meetings in one click

You can create a Zoom meeting directly from Metooo: use the "Zoom meeting" ticket in creating your event on Metooo, configure the various options (start and end sale dates, availability per order, etc ...) as for a normal ticket, connect the your Zoom account at Metooo and choose the name and date of the meeting. Done! Your Zoom meeting is ready to be broadcast in Metooo.

You can create free or paid meetings. Attendees will receive a ticket with the event data and the link to access securely. All they have to do is click on the link, and Metooo will take care of ensuring the transmission of your Zoom meeting without forcing the attendees to follow complex instructions: one click and they will be in the meeting!

Simplify the life of your guests

Your guests will not have to install anything to attend the meeting. Forget the complex instructions and difficulties in accessing, attendees will just have to click on the link contained in the event registration email and they will be ready to access. An exciting and unique user experience.

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