E-sports Confirms its Status as the Most Popular Sport

from Oct 11, 2023 hours 15:09 (UTC +09:00)
to Oct 11, 2025 hours 15:09 (UTC +09:00)


from Oct 11, 2023 hours 15:09 (UTC +09:00)
to Oct 11, 2025 hours 15:09 (UTC +09:00)


[Asian Games] E-sports Confirms its Status as the Most Popular Sport ... The Airport is Buzzing

Chinese fans flock to the Korean e-sports team, including Faker

After 'the era in which one could become a national representative through games', the era in which 'the most notable player' comes from a game event has arrived in the Asian Games, where about 12,000 people participated. 

The 'e-sports status' was confirmed once again at the arrival of the Korean e-sports national team participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

Representative Korean e-sports players, including ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyeok (T1), entered the country through Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in China on the 22nd.

Even before the plane carrying the players landed, many Chinese fans camped out in front of the ‘entry gate’.

Although most fans came to the airport to see 'Superstar' 
Lee Sang-hyuk, there were also quite a few fans who requested autographs and photos from other e-sports players.

There was also a fan who approached coach Kim Jeong-gyun, not the player, and got his autograph.
These changes are felt most directly by e-sports players.

Kim Kwan-woo, who competes in Street Fighter V, said, "It's something I will live to see for a really long time.

“We live in a good world,” he said. “E-sports will continue to develop.”

“I’m grateful to my parents who supported me without scolding me even though I played games every day,” said coach Kim Jeong-gyun, who repeatedly bowed his head and said, “Thank you so much for loving e-sports.”

‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyeok is already enjoying the most popularity among players participating in the 
Hangzhou Asian Games.

More than half of Lee Sang-hyuk's fans who visited the airport that day were 'young female fans.'

Many professional sports officials say, “The future of the sport will be bright only if the number of young female fans increases.”

If this standard is correct, it can be interpreted that e-sports is guaranteed a ‘bright future’.

Some ‘old sports fans’ are uncomfortable with the adoption of e-sports as an official event in comprehensive sports competitions.

However, these people are expected to gradually become a ‘minority’.

In a situation where the enthusiasm for the Asian Games has plummeted due to the loss of popularity of many traditional sports, e-sports are seen as a card that will change the paradigm of comprehensive competitions.

Even in the Hangzhou Asian Games, e-sports is the sport with the most expensive tickets and the most difficult to obtain tickets.

Even at the high price starting at 400 yuan (approximately 73,000 won), many fans wanted to get tickets, so it was the only event among the Asian Games events to sell tickets through a lottery drawing.

Among the ‘younger generation’, e-sports fans are overwhelmingly more numerous than ‘fans of existing 
Asian Games sports.’

Other generations can also become e-sports fans at any time.

‘Global Superstar’ Lee Sang-hyuk said, “Many people still don’t know that e-sports is an official event in the Asian Games,” and added, “I want to achieve good results in this competition and leave a good image for many people.

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