With Metooo you plan, promote, sell and manage any kind of event



Metooo is a self-service system that gives you the tools to promote your fundraising, either for personal projects, business or cultural. You can present your project in detail, and manage membership and fundraising.

One software to manage your events

  • Plan your event in every detail

    Create the web page of your event, beautiful, complete and effective, in 5 minutes.

  • Invite your audience to the event

    Compose an elegant and professional email invitation, and send it to your contacts in one click.

  • Sell tickets of your event

    Add a free ticket or a paid ticket, sell event tickets online and get the money immediately. Unbeatable fees: 0.50 per paid ticket sold, free for free tickets.


Welcome your guests without stress

Manage the welcome with the app Metooo Plan, for Android and iOS, to validate the tickets, creates badges easily and sends communications to participants before, during and after the event.

Are you organizing an event? Do you want to make it a success? Use Metooo!

Try Metooo to plan, promote and sell your events, it is a comprehensive tool, effective and simple to use. Used since more than 1000 professional organizers worldwide.

TRY NOW METOOO FOR FREE We will never ask for Credit Card. You can freely use Metooo to free events, and try it out for as long as you want for your paid events at no initial cost.

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