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Metooo is a free-to-use, smart and integrated tool for successful event organizers. Create a event page, send RSVP, sell tickets with a flat fee of 0,50 per ticket. More info about pricing.

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Cooking workshop

Feed your inner self

from january 20, 2017 at 18:00
to january 26, 2017 at 21:00
Naples, Italy

Features made for every event

Conferences and meetings

Publish your detailed agenda, build and push surveys to your attendees, share the pressbook after the event.

Features made for every event

Courses and workshops

Boost the visibility and awereness of the event, introduce the group of speakers, and check-in the tickets.

Features made for every event

Food and wine happenings and entertainment activities

Publish an eye-catching page, communicate clear and comprehensive, and increases virality and participation.

Features made for every event

Musical events, sports, culture and charity.

Manage micro-events included within the same event, sell the tickets, and collect donations.


  • Customize your event page

    Choose a cover photo, create your own gallery, add description, additional text, speakers, sponsors, videos and contacts. Compose and publish a professional inviting page in less than 5 minutes.

  • Sell tickets

    Add a ticket, free or paid. Set the price and the billing info, sell tickets for you event and immediately get your money, paying the clearer and lowest fee in the world: 0.50 cents.

  • Send invitations by email to your lists

    Create, import, edit and manage your contact lists. Add the entries, import a XLS database or connect to your MailChimp account to import your existing lists.

  • Manage the check-in of your guests

    Send info to your guests and validate their entrance tickets with the app Metooo Plan for iOS and Android.

  • Build and share your events calendar

    Post all your events and schedule them, and let your audience follow you and spot your events by the app Metooo Fan.

  • Invite-Only events

    Add an access password to your event page, or send an RSVP allowing direct access to the page just to those who receive your invitation.

  • Facebook integration

    Import from Facebook your events, personal or pages that you manage, and publish them on Metooo in a click.

  • Organizer's panel

    Promote your personal showcase, with the current events and the history of ones you've accomplished. Sends an automatic notification to your followers for each new event.

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