Women's Saber Gold Medalist Jisoo Yoon

from Oct 23, 2023 hours 02:32 (UTC +09:00)
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from Oct 23, 2023 hours 02:32 (UTC +09:00)
to Oct 23, 2025 hours 02:32 (UTC +09:00)


[Asian Games] Women's Saber Gold Medalist Jisoo Yoon "Ji-yeon, Are you Watching? Thank you!"

Daughter of ‘professional baseball legend Lotte’ Yoon Hak-gil… “He resembles his father in terms of athleticism and mentality.”

Yoon Ji-su (30, Seoul Metropolitan Government), who decorated her first prize in the Asian Games individual competition with gold and clearly engraved her name as the new signboard of the women's fencing saber team, expressed special gratitude to her 'older sister' Kim Ji-yeon (34), who guided her throughout her career as a national team member.  

After winning her gold medal in the women's saber individual event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Hangzhou University of Electronics Gymnasium in China on the 26th, Jisoo Yoon said, "The group was very difficult from the preliminaries, so I contacted her Jiyeon sister and talked.

She said, "I received great strength from my sister's words, 'But you are the best.'"

Jisoo Yoon won the individual competition by defeating Sao Yachi (China) 15-10 in the final that day.

2014 Incheon, 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian This is his first medal as an individual, having won a gold medal in the team event at the Games.

This is an achievement achieved after being the youngest member of the national team in the last two Asian Games, and then becoming the eldest member.

The women's saber team is going through a period of change, with 
Kim Ji-yeon, who has made history on the international stage, including a bronze medal in the team event at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, retiring from the national team in April this year, and Ji-su Yoon's victory in the individual event at the Asian Games announced a new era.

Kim Ji-yeon, who was the gold medalist in the women's saber individual event at the 2012 London Olympics and has been active as the national team's 'ace', put down the Taegeuk symbol and served as an SBS fencing commentator for this competition.

Kim Ji-yeon, who gave warm advice ahead of the big game to a junior who had gone through hardships on both her team and the national team, even shed tears during the broadcast when Ji-soo Yoon achieved a difficult victory in the semi-final against Zainab Dybekova (Uzbekistan) and advanced to the finals.

Ji-su Yoon, who heard this story, said, "Ji-yeon, are you watching? Thank you so much." and sent her greetings.

He said, “This season was particularly difficult because her older sister was always there and then not while she was representing the team.

“It was to the point where I thought I was suffering from depression,” he said.

“Part of me also thought that I had to accept it because I couldn’t be with my sister forever, and I think I understood a little bit the weight she felt.”

While playing as a professional baseball player, she threw 100 complete games.

Jisoo Yoon, who is also famous as the daughter of 
KBO Talent Donation Committee member Hakgil Yoon, who played an active role as a 'legend' for the Lotte Giants by setting records, did not forget her gratitude for the 'athlete DNA' passed down to her by her father.

He said, "I take after my father in terms of athleticism.

And I think I also take after my father in terms of mentality that allows me to last until the last round."

In the individual competition on this day, Jisoo Yoon showed off her ability to overcome the odds in the round of 16 against Paola Pliego (Uzbekistan) and the semifinal against Dybekova.

The instinct to be a master of reversal, demonstrated in the team competition at the Tokyo Olympics, was clearly demonstrated in this individual competition, leading to a gold medal.

Jisoo Yoon said, "Actually, I never even thought about winning the gold medal.

It was very difficult because I had never beaten the player I met in the semifinals, and even if I won the points in the finals, it didn't feel like I won.

It's great that I got any medal color, so I think I'll just play without regrets.

“I think we got good results,” he said.

“I didn’t have a single moment of comfort before coming to the competition and during the individual competition,” he said with a smile, adding, “First of all, I’m most happy that the individual competition is over, and I’m even happier that the result is a gold medal.”

He continued, "I still lack a lot.

I thought I needed more experience in this tournament to be able to change to suit the opponent, and I think today's experience will be of great help," and added, "I will grow even more through this season."

Jisoo Yoon is aiming for a gold medal collaboration with his younger siblings in the team event on the 29th.

In addition to her third consecutive victory in the Korean women's saber team event, she is attempting to win two gold medals.

Ji-soo Yoon said, "My younger siblings will look at me and think that they are envious of me and want to win a gold medal, but I will give them strength to suppress those feelings and focus only on the game.

I will try my best in the team competition as well."

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