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What you need to buy for your dog

Monday Apr 1, 2024 hours 11:12 (UTC +03:00)


Monday Apr 1, 2024 hours 11:12 (UTC +03:00)


What you need to buy for your dog

Congratulations on your decision to get a dog! This is a responsible step that requires careful preparation.

To make life with your four-legged friend happy and comfortable, it's important to take care of everything you need in advance.

Here is a list of things you will need:

1. Bowls for food and water:

Choose bowls made of quality material (stainless steel, ceramic).

The size of the bowls should match the size of the dog

Don't forget a stand to keep the bowls from sliding around

2. Food:

Choose a quality food that is appropriate for your dog's age, breed and activity level

Pay attention to the composition of the food, it should be rich in protein and other elements necessary for the development of the dog

You may need special food if your dog has allergies or other special needs

3. Sleeping place:

A bed or a soft blanket

Choose a place where the dog will feel cozy and safe

You may need several beds if your dog sleeps in different places

4. Toys:

Chew toys to keep the dog from ruining your things

Developmental toys to keep your dog learning and entertained

Toys for active play, so that the dog spends energy

5. Leash and collar/harness:

Choose a leash and collar/harness that are appropriate for your dog's size

The collar should be comfortable and not chafe

The leash should be strong and secure

6. Carrier:

You will need a carrier for trips to the vet, for walks and traveling

Choose a carrier of the appropriate size

Make sure the carrier is well ventilated

7. Hygiene items:

Dog shampoo

Toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs

Scratching post

Cotton pads and sticks

8. First aid kit

Hydrogen peroxide


Cotton wool and bandages

Activated carbon

9. Diapers:

Diapers will be needed if the dog has not yet learned to go to the toilet outside

10. Treats:

Treats will help you train your dog and encourage him to do the desired behavior

In addition to this list, you may need other things depending on your dog's needs. Don't forget to consult your veterinarian to find everything you need for your pet.


Provide your dog with a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

Play with your dog regularly to help him expend his energy.

Teach your dog basic commands.

Take your dog for a walk every day.

Feed your dog good quality food.

Visit the veterinarian regularly.

Remember: a dog is not a toy, but a living being that needs your love, care, and attention. Welcome your new family member with joy, take good care of him, and he will respond with boundless devotion and sincere love!

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