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Ultimate Guide to Tamil Jathagam & its Benefits

Curious to know about Tamil Jathagam? Or, whatis Jathagam? And what are the usages of Jathagam. Also take the benefits of online Jathagam services to avail free Tamil full life prediction.

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Jathagam or also known as Kundali/Janam Kundali (in Hindi) is simply a diagrammatic representation of a person’s past, present and future. In India astrology/vedic astrology’s history can be traced back to very old times. Even our “Atharva-Veda”-one of the most sacred veda in our cultural system has mentioned about this. And without janam kundali/Jathagam the astrology system is incomplete.

What is Tamil Jathagam?

In Indian vedic astrology there are total 9 stars and 12 zodiac signs that helps us astrologers in predicting the past and future. It can also show additional information like persons personality, wealth and health easily. Tamil Jathagam is an infographic representation of the stars and planets that are present during the birth of a person. Astrologers take the date of birth, time and place of birth to calculate the exact position of stars present during the birth. So that later in time they can interpret the Jathagam chart to forecast the future of the person.

Benefits of Jathagam

A Jathagam is believed to have the blueprints of a person’s life events. And predicting these events can help us to gain insights of our life such as- career path, job, education, marriage, children, financial status, health, family relation, love relation etc. So that if any trouble/problem found in future life can be solved at the early stage. Tamil horoscope can also help in providing weekly and yearly future predictions.

What is Jathagam Porutham

Jathagam Porutham is the process of kundali matching that is done to find the best match for the person. Jathagam Porutham ensures that a marriage will be successful, and you will not have to face any marital problems afterwards. As a Kundali contains detailed information about a person like personality, career & job life, future etc. So, astrologer match kundali to find right compatibility for the person. There are mainly 8 aspects of Kundali that are matched by astrologers during porutham process. They are:

  • Varna:- 1 point
  • Vasya:- 2 points
  • Tara:- 3 points
  • Yoni:- 4 points
  • Graha Maitri:- 5 points
  • Gana:- 6 points
  • Rashi:- 7 points
  • Nadi:- 8 pints

Every aspect of Guna have some points and there is total 36 points. Among 36 Guna points, at least 18 needed for a marriage approval. These 18 gunas cover most important aspects such as mental & character compatibility, Mangalik dosh, durability of a relation, children and overall health. More than 18 is acceptable but 24 or more is recommended by astrologers to have a successful married life.

Advantage of Online Jathagam

In this technology savy world people are more inclining towards internet and online goods and services as it offers them ease of access. So as astrologers are also reaching for internet to provide their services online. In the online Jathagam system users does not need to visit to the astrologer physically to avail the services. Instead they can just upload their date of birth, time of birth and place on the website and within hours they can avail astrology services.

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