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Tony Martin Limb & Brace

Wednesday Feb 13, 2019 hours 13:43 (UTC +05:30)


Wednesday Feb 13, 2019 hours 13:43 (UTC +05:30)


Artificial Limbs: Below Knee Prosthesis, Prostheses After Amputation and Working With A Professional

Are you an individual that has suffered the loss of one of your limbs?

1.) Loss of a Limb 

Maybe you have lost the ability to walk due to an amputation. Or, maybe you are someone that has lost their arm and now have to move on past this loss. When this happens, yes, there is a time to recover mentally from the loss of your leg or arm. There is no denying that life will change as the result of losing one of your extremities. However, when you are wanting to move forward, the use of a prosthetic limb can help get you functioning more fluidly with your activities of daily living. A quality prosthesis can get you back to a level that you are probably more used to prior to any amputation. 

Typically, the majority of prosthetic limbs provided are for the lower extremities. Diabetes and trauma are two of the main reasons why people suffer the loss of a leg and subsequently need a prosthesis to help them walk again. 

2.) BK Prosthesis vs. AK Prosthesis 

These terms are used to describe the level at which a prosthesis is provided to a patient. A "BK" prosthesis is provided to someone that has lost their leg, below their knee. In other words, a "BK" prosthesis is used for a "below knee" application. As you can already figure out, the acronym "AK" has to probably be for an "above knee" prosthesis. Interestingly enough, not everyone that has lost their legs are actually candidates for a prosthesis. 

People have to have the ability to use the prosthesis and many times elderly individuals without motivation to learn about their new prosthesis are not the best candidates. 

3.) Why Its Important To Work With A Professional To Get Your Prosthesis 

These devices are simple, only to the eye of a professional in the field called a Prosthetist. It is wise to go to a licensed prosthetist in your area for this kind of medical treatment. These individuals are educated and trained in the field of prosthetics and they have to earn their credentials by passing difficult exams. Moreover, these individuals have to work to keep their credentials by obtaining continuing education credits and they have to pay dues to keep their licenses. - What this means is that you will benefit from working with a prosthetist in your area.

Your insurance may also pay for an artificial limb as well. The coverage of benefits will be part of your insurance policy and your local orthotic and prosthetic company can help you facilitate a claim on your behalf.

Note: This is health information. If you are looking for medical advice pertaining to the use of a prosthesis then visit your local, licensed prosthetist and/or physician. This information is meant to help provide information about the topic only. 

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