The microeconomics abstract

from Jan 17, 2022 hours 15:29 (UTC +02:00)
to Jun 2, 2023 hours 15:29 (UTC +03:00)


from Jan 17, 2022 hours 15:29 (UTC +02:00)
to Jun 2, 2023 hours 15:29 (UTC +03:00)


The microeconomics abstract is the elements of obtaining practical, analytical skills and skills of creative approach to the evaluation of processes and phenomena in microeconomics with the use of innovative research methods, also use help with my essay.

The purpose of the abstract on microeconomics is: consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge; acquisition of practical skills in accordance with the content of the discipline; mastering the skills of independent work; mastering the methodology of economic research, the use of methods of economic analysis; acquisition of analytical analysis skills, skills of formulation of research results, logical presentation of economic material.

The title page is the first page of the abstract and is included in their general numbering, or use site Page number on the title page is not inserted, but counted in the total number of pages of the abstract.

The table of contents, as a rule, includes three sections with subsections, or write my dissertation. Each section may have at least 2-3 subsections. It is necessary to avoid logical errors in the wording of the title of the abstract and its sections, subsections (for example, to give the same name).

In the introduction in the abstract should be justified relevance, theoretical and practical significance of the chosen topic, the purpose and objectives of research, subject and object of research, research methods, as well as the structure of the abstract and the material used (up to 3 pages). In the introduction the degree of development of the problem in the modern economic literature is determined, that is, an analytical review of the scientific literature is given.

The main part of the abstract reveals the content and the most important problems of the topic under study. It should contain analytical presentation of the results of independent research of scientific literature, statistical data, critical analysis of points of view, conclusions and constructive suggestions for improvement of this or that economic process, phenomenon.

Conclusion of the abstract should reflect the main conclusions and results of the research on the whole abstract (up to 3 pages).

The list of sources used implies the main literary sources that were used in the abstract.

Appendices in the abstract are necessary for the completeness of the perception of the problem under study and may include supporting materials: intermediate economic calculations, formulas, evidence and tables, statistical data, illustration material, etc.

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