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The effects of temperature on your houseplants.

Saturday Feb 29, 2020 hours 18:49 (UTC +00:00)


Saturday Feb 29, 2020 hours 18:49 (UTC +00:00)

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The effects of temperature on your houseplants.

The effects of temperature on your houseplants.

Just as certain houseplants have varying tolerances to light, so they also have varying tolerances to temperature. Most houseplants will tolerate a maximum temperature of 25°C (77°F) with low humidity.

Although many houseplants require warm rooms, they generally prefer an even temperature. In winter this becomes a problem when central heating creates large fluctuations between day and night temperatures.

Here are a few places, from Plant Spot app - free on itunes, to avoid when positioning houseplants:

Don't leave houseplants on window sills as the temperature near the glass can get very hot during the day and very cold at night next.

Don't position houseplants over or near heat sources like radiators. Temperature variations are less pronounced the further you get from a heat source.

Avoid positioning houseplants where they are likely to experience cold air draughts similar to those you can get in a hall way or near an outside door.

No plant likes sudden temperature changes, and the shock will cause some houseplants to drop all their leaves. This creates a problem if you are buying a plant during a cold winter. Get the store or online supplier to pack the plant using some form of insulation to protect it against the cold.


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