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The distinction between pickling, phosphating, and passivation

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from Mar 8, 2021 hours 09:47 (UTC +08:00)
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Phosphating treatment refers to a chemical treatment method in which a metal surface is contacted with an acidic solution containing dihydrogen phosphate.

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The distinction between pickling, phosphating, and passivation

Phosphating treatment refers to a chemical treatment technique in which a metal surface is exposed to an acidic solution consisting of dihydrogen phosphate, and a chain reaction strikes from a steady insoluble inorganic compound film on the metal surface area. The formed movie is called a phosphating movie.

The modern phosphating process is generally: degreasing → water washing → rust elimination → surface conditioning → phosphating → water washing → drying.


Degreasing: The grease on the parts not just prevents the development of phosphating film but also affects the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating when it is painted after phosphating.

Passivation treatment is the last procedure step in chemical cleaning, and it is a key step. After the boiler is pickled, cleaned with water, and washed, the metal surface is spick-and-span, very activated, and prone to rust. Therefore, passivation treatment must be carried out immediately to form a protective film on the cleaned metal surface area to decrease rust.

Function: Comprehensive pickling and passivation treatment of stainless steel to eliminate all types of dirt such as oil, rust, oxide scale, welding areas, etc. After treatment, the surface becomes consistent silver-white, which greatly improves the rust resistance of stainless steel. It is suitable for various types of stainless-steel parts, Plate and equipment.

Features: Simple operation, hassle-free use, affordable and practical. At the same time, high-efficiency deterioration inhibitors and fog inhibitors are contributed to avoid metal from over-corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement and to hinder acid fog.

The passivation procedure is typical: degreasing → water washing → thrilling → water washing → passivation → water washing → drying.

Phosphating and passivation are both surface area anti-rust results.

Pickling is the procedure of using water down hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid to eliminate rust from the rust on the metal surface area. It is often utilized in the shipbuilding industry. For pipe rust removal, the inner wall of the pipeline is normally rusted when the pipe is set up. When the rust can not be removed manually, we Will utilize this method. In addition, electroplating parts ought to be cleaned up by marinading during industrial production. The phosphating process normally happens more often in automated production lines, generally to increase the bonding force in between the metal surface and the very first finish. For instance, in vehicle production, the procedure of degreasing → washing → (rust elimination) → surface conditioning → phosphating → cleaning → drying-electrophoresis is usually embraced, which typically does not have the function of rust prevention, however, due to the greater contamination, the use is less.

Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of pickling and phosphating lines. It has rich overseas engineering experience, stringent quality assurance, 24-hour reaction after-sales service, and affordable rates, which have been acknowledged by market consumers.


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