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Song Young-han's 2024 Goals for the First Time in 7 Years

Thursday Feb 29, 2024 hours 09:00 (UTC +08:00)


Thursday Feb 29, 2024 hours 09:00 (UTC +08:00)


Song Young-han, who plays in the Japanese professional golf league, achieved remarkable results last year. He won the title in seven years and won the runner-up prize five times. "I performed better than I expected last year," said Song, who said he was very frustrated because golf did not play well in 2022. However, it is more regrettable than satisfaction.

It is my first time to win the second place five times, but I think I have won the second place 20 times so far." I believe that winning the championship requires luck, and I believe that I am lucky, but I hope more championships will be opened." It was the moment that Tony Finau, who specialized in runner-up competition in the PGA Tour, came to mind.

After winning his first championship in seven years, Song had only one day left. He had competitions in succession the following week, and he whipped himself more because he didn't want to settle down. That's why he created more chances to win.

Although he did not win the title, Song Young-han cited the Casio World Open as his most memorable event. At the last par-5 hole on the final day, Song put the ball on the green after just two strokes. He aimed for an eagle putt, and it passed more than expected and recorded three putts. He finished the game with par and finished first. Later, as another player added birdies at the 17th and 18th holes, Song Young-han missed the title by one stroke. It is regrettable that he finished the game with three putts, but he has no regrets. This is because he evaluates that he played the game with confidence.

Song Young-han cited swing correction as the driving force behind his good performance this year. He trained as opposed to what he had in the past, as his strength goes up when swinging back and down when swinging downwards. Changing the swing that he has become accustomed to for a long time is a serious risk factor for a professional. However, after the last season, Song had introspective self-reflection that unless there is a change, he is not competitive. With the changed swing, his pitch changed from fade to draw, and he has found stability. Asked if players seem to hit more fades, Song firmly said that feeling that catches others' eyes is more important than what they do. It made him think anew that it is necessary to trust one's feelings and judgment rather than to be swayed by the majority of opinions.

Song Young-han, who had to postpone his honeymoon due to COVID-19, went on a honeymoon to Hawaii at the end of the season. Even if we asked him to do it next time because he was on a honeymoon, he didn't bother to reject the interview request. I promised to go after this season, so I wanted to get a good result this season, but my wife liked it because I was able to finish it well.

The winter season is very important to all golfers. Song Young-han said, "I have memories of breaking down when I try to prepare for many things ahead of others because I had a good performance in the last season, but I want to suppress that mindset and focus well and prepare well without overdoing it." In January, I plan to focus on physical training in Korea and go overseas for about a month at the end of January.

Song Young-han expressed his desire to win the minimum at-bats and the most wins in 2024. With his strong sincerity, I hope he will collect many trophies step by step and become a more recognized player both in skills and personality as he wants.

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