Settle Down with a Professional Basketball Team has Disappeared

from Dec 18, 2023 hours 11:13 (UTC +09:00)
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from Dec 18, 2023 hours 11:13 (UTC +09:00)
to Dec 18, 2025 hours 11:13 (UTC +09:00)


Even if the obligation to settle down with a professional basketball team has disappeared... Mobis is closer to Ulsan

It is not easy for the Seoul team to prepare facilities... KBL, established connection 'obligation→autonomy'

Hyundai Mobis "Our direction remains the same... It's right to live with local fans."

It is understood that KBL, which achieved desired results by promoting a home settlement system for professional basketball, eventually took a step back after encountering realistic limitations.

On the 24th, KBL has recently The board of directors held a meeting and decided not to make home settlement a mandatory issue, but to allow the club to make its own decisions and pursue it. 

In 2017, KBL promoted a 'hometown settlement system' which requires 10 teams to relocate not only their gymnasiums but also their secretariat and dedicated training facilities to each region before the start of the 2023-2024 season.

Although they had connections in the region, facilities such as training gyms and clubhouses were concentrated in the metropolitan area, so the intention was to implement a 'regional connection system' in the true sense, but in the end, Whether or not it was completed was left to the discretion of each team.

A KBL official said, "Considering the circumstances of some clubs, opinions were expressed that it would be difficult to enforce it," and added, "The settlement system itself has not disappeared.

We plan to continue to pursue this at the level of professional basketball, but first we need to consider the situation of some teams.

The Seoul team is having the most difficulty in moving to a hometown.

Seoul SK and Seoul Samsung use Jamsil Student Gymnasium and Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium as their home stadiums, respectively.

However, since these facilities are used for various cultural events in addition to basketball games, the club cannot exclusively use them as training grounds.

The individual training gyms of these teams are located in 
Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

An SK official said, “There are no facilities in Seoul that can be used as basketball courts right now.”

There is a gymnasium in the Olympic Park, but other indoor sports such as handball use it all year round,” he said.

“There is no room for negotiation (to use it as a training gym).”

Now Ulsan Hyundai Mobis is trying to join this procession.

Wonju DB, Anyang Cheongkwanjang, Goyang Sono, Suwon KT, and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation also settled in the hometown.

It looks like it.

A state-of-the-art court in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do. Even though there is a well-equipped 
LG Champions Park, they boldly chose to go to Changwon to interact with local fans.

In accordance with KBL's policy in 2020, LG established a dedicated training ground and club secretariat at the Changwon Gymnasium in Gyeongnam.

A representative example of giving up facilities in the metropolitan area in order to settle down in a hometown.

This is Changwon LG.

We cannot help but take into account unavoidable circumstances,” he pointed out.

In addition, a city-level 'sports/MICE complex development project' is being promoted around Jamsil Sports Complex, where the home stadium of these teams is located, so another gym will have to be found by 2025 at the earliest or 2026 at the latest.

In relation to this, a KBL official said, "There has been progress thanks to the efforts of various clubs over the years, but after considering all variables such as the Jamsil complex project, it will continue to be consistent."

“We decided that it would not be easy to proceed.

He then explained, “However, purchasing a separate site in Seoul and building all new club facilities, such as a practice stadium and secretariat, would cost an astronomical amount of money.”

Even after the decision to settle down in a hometown was recently changed from mandatory to voluntary, 
Hyundai Mobis still chose Ulsan.

On the 21st, the opening match against Korea Gas Corporation was held at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium.
The club and Ulsan City signed an agreement to settle in Ulsan.

Accordingly, Ulsan City will provide a practice stadium by 2025 and provide full-scale support for the club to settle in Ulsan.

Hyundai Mobis moved its headquarters from Busan to Ulsan in 2001 during the Kia Enterprise era, but its main training ground and clubhouse are still in Yongin.

Hyundai Mobis Secretary General 
Koo Bon-geun said, “The practice stadium is A blueprint has even been produced.

Mayor Kim Du-gyeom has made a big decision,” he said, adding, “Even internally, the club believes that the regional connection system is the right direction.”

Secretary-General Koo said, "Honestly, it is true that teams based in the region are at a disadvantage in terms of supply and demand of players compared to teams in Seoul and the metropolitan area.

Still, it is preferable to live with local fans.

He explained, “This is our position,” and “Although (the decision to settle in the hometown) has changed autonomously, we have decided not to change the direction of the club.”

Meanwhile, Busan KCC left Jeonju after 22 years. Since it has just moved to its home base, it plans to continue discussions with Busan City regarding the establishment of a connection.

KCC also has its main facilities, including the training gym, in Yongin.

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