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Sealed Off-type CO2 Lasers

Laser Technology

from Apr 8, 2017 hours 19:00 (UTC -07:00)
to Apr 9, 2017 hours 03:00 (UTC -07:00)

British Columbia, Canada


from Apr 8, 2017 hours 19:00 (UTC -07:00)
to Apr 9, 2017 hours 03:00 (UTC -07:00)


British Columbia, Canada

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An important application area for medium power CO2 lasers is the packaging of consumer products. Which includes all kinds of materials and the combination of these materials, cutting, punching, marking and marking. The lasers are usually superior to conventional tools such as straight plows and die-cutting boards for a variety of reasons. The high power laser pointer can be processed quickly and therefore can accommodate the speed of existing production lines. Laser processing is a flexible, digital, non-contact process, so it will not change with time, it will not be like mechanical tools need to replace or re-friction. Moreover, the laser can precisely control the cutting or drilling depth, and mechanical tools are more difficult to do this. In addition, the use of sealed-type CO2 lasers for processing has low cost and high reliability, and is therefore more economically competitive than traditional methods.

CO2 lasers are unique compared to conventional industrial lasers because they are typically 10.6μm when outputted as long-wave infrared. Many organic materials have strong absorption of these long wavelengths, including paper, wood, plastic, rubber, textiles and leather. Some of the visible light through the material can even absorb such long wavelengths, such as glass and sapphire. High absorption rate means that most of the laser power is actually used in the photothermal process of processing materials. At this point the target material will soon be heated and eventually evaporated. This process is very energy efficient, so CO2 burning laser pointer are the most suitable tool for rapid removal of larger target materials using 10 & apos; s to 100 & apos; s micron precision levels. At the lower power level, efficient local heating can cause thermal effects caused by color changes, is the ideal choice for marking.

Another important use of CO2 lasers is to cut thin glass plates for smart phones and other handheld display screens. The traditional mechanical cutting is not suitable for cutting glass plates with a thickness below 1mm. In particular, mechanical cutting may produce collapse, the formation of debris, may also leave significant mechanical stress, resulting in easier to break the glass. All of these problems have necessitated further post processing, and processing is bound to take time and increase production costs. Cutting glass with CO2 50000mw laser pointer is a non-contact process, completely eliminating the collapse and fragmentation problems. Moreover, the laser cutting does not inherently cause residual stress on the glass, thereby increasing the edge strength of the glass, which makes the laser cutting glass can withstand the pressure is 2 to 3 times the mechanical cutting glass.

CO2 laser cutting to solve the above two problems. In particular, the quality of such cutting edges is better and does not produce large amounts of contaminating particles. And the use of scanning optical components, you can not stop rolling in the case of fillet cutting. Compared to mechanical cutting, laser cutting caused by narrow incision, so the whole width of the entire width of the film cutting precision to be better. In this way, the cutting pattern can be more closely nested together, reducing the waste of expensive polarizing film.

Slab discharge structure in the precision machining applications have advantages, for a variety of reasons. This type of structure is small, high stability, good output characteristics and low cost of ownership. The output power can be scaled with the area of the strip electrode. As a result, the slab discharge CO2 8000mw laser pointer is very compact and can achieve as high a high output power as possible with a relatively lightweight laser head. As a result, they can be easily integrated into the robotic arm or crane frame, even as small as applicable to the desktop device. The slab electrode configuration is also mechanically robust and therefore can be stabilized in the short and long term. This stability can achieve a uniform processing effect that does not change over time.

Over the past two decades, sealed off-type CO2 lasers have been widely used in a wide variety of applications, such as packaging, textiles, microelectronics manufacturing, display preparation. This is because the efficiency, quality and reliability of CO2 3500mw laser pointer processing make it an affordable tool that is more cost-competitive than other manufacturing technologies. This paper briefly introduces the main advantages of CO2 lasers from closed slab discharge and covers recent innovations in related technologies.

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