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Pure Feel Shop Reviews

Pure Feel Shop is an online women's clothing store that has garnered acclaim in the fashion industry for its fashionable and trendy apparel. This store accommodates to women in search of the newest fashion trends and wardrobe essentials by providing a wide selection of clothing options.

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from Sep 13, 2023 hours 02:06 (UTC -07:00)
to Sep 29, 2023 hours 02:06 (UTC -07:00)


According to numerous customer evaluations and comments, Pure Feel Shop leaves a great deal to be desired. The general consensus appears to be that the apparel offered by this online store for women's clothing falls far short of expectations. Numerous customers have reported measurement discrepancies, poor fabric quality, and garments that do not match the product descriptions on the website.

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In addition, there have been complaints about Pure Feel Shop's customer service. When attempting to resolve issues with their orders, customers have been frustrated by slow response times and unhelpful customer service. This ineffective communication has left many dissatisfied and without support.
In addition, some consumers have voiced concerns regarding the return and refund procedure, citing difficulties in receiving refunds for unsatisfactory purchases.

Overall, based on these negative reviews and customer experiences, potential consumers should exercise caution when considering a purchase from Pure Feel Shop. It appears that the company must resolve significant problems with product quality, customer service, and the overall shopping experience.

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