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My Soundly Sleeping Toddler Workshop

Gentle Child Focused Ways to Help Your Toddler ( And You) Sleep Soundly Every Night.

Wednesday Mar 27, 2019 from 13:30 to 16:30 (UTC +00:00)

Barnados @ The Triangle - 2 Coxwell Rd, London SE19, UK


Wednesday Mar 27, 2019 from 13:30 to 16:30 (UTC +00:00)


Barnados @ The Triangle
2 Coxwell Rd, London SE19, UK

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Do you have a toddler who doesn’t sleep? ⠀
Have bedtimes become a battle that you’re losing? ⠀
Are you co sleeping reluctantly with your toddler but still not getting any sleep? ⠀
Are you seriously sleep deprived an wondering why the heck your toddler Who used to sleep well now doesn’t ? ⠀

Well if you have decided to it’s time to sort your toddlers sleep once and for all but don’t know how or you want methods that are gentle, respectful and don’t involve hours of crying you MUST get yourself a ticket to My Soundly Sleeping Toddler workshop. ⠀

When toddlers struggle with sleep it can seem even harder to keep them in bed and get them to sleep. And what worked when they were babies won’t work now. ⠀

At this workshop we will cover:

Normal Toddler sleep and what it looks like.

Why toddlers & Pre schoolers struggle with sleep ( The Real Thieves of Sleep)

How to identify why your toddler won't sleep. 

Gentle sleep solutions and strategies including:

 How to encourage independent sleep

How to stop bedsharing (or how to do it safely if you're happy to continue).

Why toddlers and preschoolers still wake at night and how to help.

How to handle bedtime resistence.

Q & A session

You'll leave with a clearer understanding of why your toddler is struggling with sleep and a plan of action to help your toddler tp start sleeping well again.

Babies in arms welcome.  Children older than this are welcome to attend, but please note this is a quiet three hour long workshop, the  workshop room is not especially child friendly and no play area is provided. 

Stay and Play @ The Triangle is in session on Weds

Please only bring older babies and children if you feel your child will cope with sitting still and quietly for three hours, without interrupting your listening or that of other attendees.

This workshop is hosted and taught by Charmaine Walters, Night Nanny & Holistic Infant sleep coach.

Charmaine has over 19 years experience helping and supporting families sleep overnight and understands first hand the toll sleep deprivation can have on a person.  She has worked not only as a night nanny but also as a nanny, and as management in various day care settings as  head of baby unit, toddler unit and deputy manager. She has experience of working in various roles in early years and is also a mother herself. She specialises in supporting famillies with sleep using gentle, respectful  evidence based methods of sleep shaping/training.  She's a member of the IACSC ( international association for child sleep consultants) 

Learn more about Charmaine and her work over on her website and blog

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