Mini MBA
Strategic Business Management

The survival kit for intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs, Managers and Business Owners.El kit de supervivencia para intra o emprendedores, Gerentes y Dueños de Negocios.O kit de sobrevivência para intra-empreendedores e empresários, Gerentes e Empresários.

from Aug 4, 2017 hours 20:00 (UTC +00:00)
to Nov 26, 2017 hours 18:00 (UTC +00:00)


from Aug 4, 2017 hours 20:00 (UTC +00:00)
to Nov 26, 2017 hours 18:00 (UTC +00:00)


More than 80% of new ventures fails on the first year, more that 90% of survivors gets under debts on the second year. Only 1 in 100, achieves profitability on the third year. 

Learn how to start a Business and/or manage it to make it growth quickly. Develop all your potential as a leader. Learn how to improve your marketing, operations and finance.

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Horario de clases

Viernes Módulos 1, 3, 5 y 7:

15hs a 17hs Mexico

16hs a 18hs Colombia

18hs a 20hs Argentina

Sábados Módulos 2, 4, 6 y 8:

8hs a 10hs Mexico

9hs a 11hs Colombia

10hs a 12hs Argentina


DIGITAL SKILLS FOR LEADERS August 2017  Digital Transformaton  The key technological trends  The building blocks of a digital strategy  Rethinking the customer relationship  Creating products and services for a complex world  Business model agility  Digital culture  The digital workforce

BUSINESS STRATEGY August 2017  Strategy Defined  Strategic Context  Strategic capabilities  Strategic positions  Strategic choices  Strategic execution

ENTREPRENEURSIP INNOVATION September 2017  Creativity and Empathy (Insight)  Ideation and Experiments (Problem)  Implementation and Evidence (Solution)  Iteration, Market, and MVP (towards Business Model)

OPERATION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT September 2017  Project Management Framework  Complexity  From Flash to Cash.  Project Management Phases  Methods & Technique  Project Management Toolbox  Innovation and Project Management

MARKETING & CUSTOMER VALUE October 2017  Marketing Strategy and Planning in a digital world  Digital and Social Media Channels & Tools  Designing and Managing an Integrated Omni-Channel Marketing plan  Communicating Value

NEUROSCIENCE IN LEADERSHIP October 2017  3-tier models of leadership  The brain and cognitive neuroscience  The habits of a happy brain Neuroscience  Influence, trust, collaboration, and social interaction  Performance Management

FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING November 2017  Fundamentals of Financial  Trade offs  Revenue and Expense  The Accounting Cycle  Financial Statements  Measurement of Sales and Accounts Receivables  Financial indicators  Dupont Profitability Chain  Shareholder’s equity

PEOPLE STRATEGY November 2017  La Estrategia del Negocio y su gobernanza  Tomar Decisiones Estratégicamente  El Rol de las funciones de RH  Capacidades Estratégicas



Rise to the challenge of operating in a global world.


Learn how to make decisions in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, and intense pressures.


Explore a potential new venture, connect with entrepreneurs, and discover the Latam Business School Ecosystem.


Find a community of support and a close-knit network of friendships that last a lifetime.


Build connections and uncover business opportunities.


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