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MEPs rejected exceptions to EET for online payments and flat-rate businesses

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from Jul 27, 2021 hours 02:19 (UTC -04:00)
to Jul 31, 2021 hours 02:19 (UTC -04:00)

Miami Beach, FL, USA


from Jul 27, 2021 hours 02:19 (UTC -04:00)
to Jul 31, 2021 hours 02:19 (UTC -04:00)


Miami Beach, FL, USA

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E-shop owners and small tradesmen have been waiting for a long time to see how it will turn out with exceptions from EET, which were proposed at the end of November by Finance Minister Andrej Babiš. They arrived on Friday, January 13, but no one was pleased with the result . None of the exceptions passed in the Chamber of Deputies.

When the second wave of electronic sales records breaks out on March 1, retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce entrepreneurs will be involved . In the next stages, when it comes to craftsmen or the liberal professions, even the smallest entrepreneurs will have to register .

Let us recall which EET exemptions were part of the tax package under discussion.

  • Online payments by card and through payment gateways
  • Entrepreneurs and people from the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK) have long pointed out the complexity of e-commerce . Examples are payment gateways.

    Czech traders use various gateways owned and managed by people from all over the world - it's not just domestic teams that could prepare for EET. In addition, payment gateways do not inform about the sale immediately and up software development firm , but send the entrepreneur money to the account, for example, only once a day , so it is not possible to issue a receipt in time. That is why e-shops fought for exclusion from the electronic records of sales.

  • Exemption from EET for entrepreneurs who pay a flat tax
  • Self-employed persons who earn up to 250 thousand crowns a year could get relief from EET. It would be enough to arrange a flat tax and pay the state a pre-agreed tax each year. In addition to getting rid of tax return paperwork, entrepreneurs would not have to deal with cash registers.

    EET is a problem for e-shops. When will the solution be?

    Payments from account to account are no longer subject to EET. This also applies to cash on delivery - if the carrier sends money from cash on delivery to the account, the entrepreneur does not have to register electronically. Thanks to this, cash on delivery may gain in popularity again.

    Merchants will have to record card payments through payment gateways. However, the financial administration has not issued clearer guidelines for e-commerce and application development. " Now we have to solve not only in cooperation with the state administration, how to proceed in the registration of sales for online payment methods in practice. These are big technical complications for e-shops, ”said APEK director Jan Vetyška.

    The Vario has been ready for electronic registration since November thanks to the EET connector agenda. But there is a problem with e-shops that can't send sales information immediately so that Vario can issue a receipt in time. " Merchants are required by law to record payments immediately. In practice, however, this is incompatible with the technical possibilities and the real functioning of e-shops , ”said Radka Aschenberennerová, Altus Sales Director. Online card payment is one of the most convenient and increasingly popular payment methods among Czech customers.

    Simplify your foreign trade. Vario automatically assigns payments to accounts in different currencies

    Cars , computers or materials such as glass and paper . It is these commodities that belong to the key items on the list of Czech export items. Exports are very important for the Czech Republic: in 2015, Czech companies exported goods worth 3.88 trillion crowns , in 2019 economists predict that the 4 trillion mark will be reached .

    In addition, imports are becoming increasingly important for Czech companies . They mainly use foreign materials and semi-finished products, such as tires or metals . Almost half of Czech imports are provided by neighboring countries.

    Vario will help you. She makes sure you don't spend on bank fees

    In order for Czech companies to conquer abroad , they need support in a quality economic system and specialized functions tailored to exporters and dedicated developers. We respond exactly to such a request with a functionality called Bank Account according to the currency of the document . Thanks to it, you will have order in payments and accounts maintained in foreign currencies.

    Czech companies find themselves in the following situation:

  • Companies that trade abroad tend to have multiple accounts maintained in different currencies .
  • They issue orders and subsequently invoices in various currencies.
  • Businesses need to make sure that currency payments are made to the appropriate accounts, thus avoiding unnecessary bank charges.
  • However, it is often difficult to monitor all payments and enter them manually. That's why more and more companies are relying on the Varia add-on, which automatically assigns payments to the correct accounts based on your initial setup and won't let you make a mistake .

    Try automatic account assignment for 1 month for free

    You can buy the accessory in the Vario Shop and you can easily download and install it . How it works, test for a whole month for free in the Vario demo version from software developers company. The add-on can handle an unlimited number of bank accounts and you can start using it in your company at any time .

    What are the main advantages of the Bank Account functionality according to the document currency?

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