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TabijAstrology offers Free Marriage Prediction to help answer your questions like when will I get married and to whom? will I have a Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology? Will my married life be successful? & marriage horoscope by date of birth.

from Jun 4, 2020 hours 11:36 (UTC +05:30)
to Jun 4, 2022 hours 11:36 (UTC +05:30)


from Jun 4, 2020 hours 11:36 (UTC +05:30)
to Jun 4, 2022 hours 11:36 (UTC +05:30)


we have professional astrologers to resolve all your uncertainties and remove your complications by creating your marriage astrology. Our marriage expert astrologer will analyse various areas in marriage, like love, arranged, conventional, etc on the idea of planetary positions using your birth date. They will look into the specific time to get married, the cause behind an ill-fated marriage and other elements regarding the future prospects of your married life.

Marriage Time & Astrology Prediction

To determine the timing of marriage in astrology, it is very important to analyse the strength of the 7th house, its lord and the karaka of the 7th house, Venus. All of us are being ruled by a certain planet for certain period of time which is called as Mahadasha or major period. The Dasha period of each planet leaves different impacts upon the human life depending upon various factors. Marriage can take place during the Dasha period of the planets that are forming a relationship with the 7th house provided there is no malefic impact in the horoscope.

Therefore, you are expected to see the result in its totality rather than getting stuck in particular areas. So, you can find Your Marriage prediction date birth thereafter.

Also, the significator of marriage in horoscope, Venus and Jupiter are most important. The favourable transits of Jupiter and Venus trigger the prospects of marriage. The navamsa chart must be analyzed carefully while determining the time of marriage prediction & Marriage Prediction by name.

Read your Navamsa chart Prediction for marriage in free!!

Planetary Positions for marriage

  • For men, the 7th house, its lord and Venus predict the time and nature of marriage.
  • On the other hand, the 7th and 8th houses, their lords and Mars tell what is in store for women in marriage. Thus, Marriage prediction Time is prosecuted.

In this way Know your Marital life with spouse form Marriage Prediction by date of birth & natal chart reports on all 12 houses which can be simply predicted.

Marriage Prediction through Numerology

Many people are troubled by thinking about When will they get married? Fromwhere I will find my marriage Prediction in free? At some extent of a time in life, people just want to know about marriage date.

So today we are going to tell you about a few simple Numerology trick which will assist you to find a tentative age at which one can get married.

Rules to be followed by the people born before 22nd of the month:

Step 1: First of all, you have to subtract 3 out of the month in which you were born.

Step 2: After that, add 6 in that answer and then continue adding 6 until you get 20 or you do not reach near that point. Then start adding 3 to it, to find out tentative age at which you can get married.

For example, if you were born on April 20, 1988

Step 1: Month 4: 4 - 3 = 1

Step 2:

1 = 6

7 = 6

13 = 6

19 = 3

22 = 3

25 3 = 28 and continue like this

7, 13 and 19 numbers shown above aren't right for you as we don't promote child marriage. So, 22, 25 are the possible ages at which the person born on 20th April 1988 could have get married.

Rules to be followed by the people born on 22nd or after 22nd of the month:

Step 1: subtract 2 of the months during which you're born.

Step 2: Then continue to add 6 in that answer as we did above.

For example, if you were born on March 29, 1992, then you have to repeat these steps.

Step 1: Month 3: 3 - 3 = 0

Step 2: 0 = 6

6 = 6

12 = 6

18 = 6

24 3 = 27 Continue like this…………………

Accordingly, 24,27 are the proper age to get married.

By following this you can get the exactmarriage age prediction by date of birth in online for free!

For people born in January and February

  • If you're born in the months of January and February then
  • For January Subtract 1 from 11.
  • Those who born in February subtract 2 from 12.

Complete Marriage Prediction allow you to know your right time or the foremost favorable time for getting married. Also, get the report of seven houses your dosha — apahara periods intimately.

Thus, our astrologers can provide an in-depth list that points out your favorable periods for marriage. Just by avail on TABIJ.IN or call @ +919776190123.

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