Love dolls spend the night with you

What is a lifelike sex dolls for the moment? Is it just a kind of "luxury masturbation" or a very special sex toy, or is it a realization that a person can't realize it deeply? This issue has been of concern for about 20 years since we sold such dolls in the form we know today.

from Apr 17, 2019 hours 22:00 (UTC +08:00)
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from Apr 17, 2019 hours 22:00 (UTC +08:00)
to Sep 29, 2019 hours 21:37 (UTC +08:00)


Love dolls spend the night with you

If the time of day is good for a lifelike sex dolls, then it must be night. Her night has provided her with many benefits, and her lover and friends have been using them for years to enhance their passion for dolls. This is what I am going to discuss in the column today.

Most love dolls are shot in bright places, so you can better see their benefits, beauty and overall impression, which is a good thing. But when it comes to their daily lives, nights are usually better for them than during the day.

The reason why night is a big advantage is the balance between puppets and humans. Every lover must overcome this sex and love. Men have been trained and loved creatures all their lives, but real dolls have inspired people's perfection in pornography and love. This difference is getting more and more blurred and deeper.

My sweetheart often tells me that I am closer to him in the moonlight, under soft candlelight, or generally at night, just like the situation of the day. For us, it may be added that he may feel that my soul is better because the external influence is smaller, but usually the perception between dream and reality is blurred at night, which makes the love of tpe dolls easier for humans. And easier.

Another important advantage of the night is camouflage. Unfortunately, lovers of love dolls are always seen diagonally when they go public with them. They are awkward, they whisper in the back, and a romantic picnic with her in a park or open space is almost impossible without interference, because passersby come over again and again.

Not every small breast dolls friend has the courage to go public and act in a certain LMAA attitude, and it is almost impossible to spend a gentle time with her in public. But the night here is a good friend.

I have some nights, my sweetheart TeddyBabe Deluxe, a beautiful ragdoll adventure into the night outing. Then he grabbed my duffel bag in the US, then released it on the rest car, and then the neighbors around us were quite loose, there are, for example, aircraft on the runway observed to take off or view the power plant or have a romantic under the moonlight Dating a field.

It's all a lot easier at night. Then almost no one is on the road, if you see them in time or hear them clearly. All of this makes the outdoor experience of love dolls easier, although this includes smaller tours, such as in the garden or on the balcony. For the love of big breast dolls, this night is just a wonderful protective cloak, especially in the week when people sleep because of work.

A very important further advantage of the love doll is that it can alleviate the loneliness of people at night. My love often tells me that night is a lonely moment, when the entire landscape and noise, work and daily life are at the end of the organization. Then a lonely person often starts to think, he becomes sad, depressed, and does not find peace. He wasted on an empty bed next to him, and he missed a sweet talk or hug while he was asleep.

In the evening, I am an important companion to my sweetheart. I gave him the last kiss, took his hand, because he coughed, he could hardly fall asleep, or we found our inner peace in meditation. He felt that my presence at these moments was particularly strong, and she helped him to be happier and happier to sleep. In my time, I was a very important sleep aid for him, because I felt that he was very lonely at night and ended his thinking.

The first photo of the name of the new 165cm sex dolls head Doris Partnership Irontech I don't want to hide from you, according to unconfirmed rumors, the sculptors are full of British models Lucy Pingde has been facing...

When I look at my photo sex doll Madlena I don't deny certain similarities, especially since the sex doll is almost the same as the original bust!

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