Kim Woo-min, After Winning Gold in the 800m Relay

from Oct 23, 2023 hours 02:11 (UTC +09:00)
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from Oct 23, 2023 hours 02:11 (UTC +09:00)
to Oct 23, 2025 hours 02:11 (UTC +09:00)


[Asian Games] Kim Woo-min "After Winning Gold in the 800m Relay, We Stayed up Late Chatting... I'm also Happy About the Silver in the 1,500m"

Silver medal in the 1,500m freestyle on the 26th... Challenge for victory in 800m and 400m freestyle

Kim Woo-min (22, Gangwon Provincial Office) won the gold medal in the 800m relay, a team event, and chatted with his teammates in the athletes' village who had collaborated to win the first Asian Games team event in Korean swimming history.

He did not easily subside from the emotion of having endured long hours of arduous training and achieved valuable results. 

However, the excitement of winning the gold medal in the 800m relay did not extend to the 1,500m freestyle, which was the first individual event.

Kim Woo-min took second place with a time of 15 minutes 01.07 seconds in the men's 1,500m freestyle final at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Swim Management held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in Zhejiang, China, on the 26th.

Fei Liwei (20, China) took the lead from the 450m point, hitting the touchpad at 14 minutes 55.47 seconds, 5.60 seconds ahead of Kim Woo-min.

The silver medal in the 1,500m freestyle is also precious.

Kim Woo-min became the first Korean athlete to win a medal in the men's 1,500m at the Asian Games 13 years after Park Tae-hwan (1st in Doha in 2006, 2nd in Guangzhou in 2010).

However, he was aiming for the first Asian Games 4th gold medal in Korean swimming history, so he was left with some regrets.

The day before, Kim Woo-min teamed up with Hwang Sun-woo, Yang Jae-hoon (Gangwon Provincial Office), and Lee Ho-jun (Daegu Metropolitan City Hall) to win the first Asian Games team gold medal in Korean swimming history.

The second medal of the competition and the first individual medal was silver.

Kim Woo-min said, “After winning the gold medal in the 800m relay yesterday, I was in such a good mood that I couldn’t fall asleep easily.

“After taking a doping test, we arrived at the athletes’ village around midnight, and we encouraged each other and talked until late,” he recalled.

Everyone who participated in the 800m relay wanted a gold medal in the team event as much as the individual event, and they won, setting a new Asian record of 7:01.73.

Kim Woo-min said, “Winning the 800m relay was the most important goal.

"I was training mainly for the 200m freestyle, so my stamina dropped in the mid to late 1500m today," he said.

Since he won the gold medal in the 800m relay, he had no regrets.

Kim Woo-min said, "I didn't win four gold medals, but I still got a silver medal in the 1,500m.

“I am satisfied,” he said.

“Now I will focus more on the remaining games and show you a better game.”

Kim Woo-min is the strongest candidate to win the 400m and 800m freestyle.

Kim Woo-min broke his personal record repeatedly in the preliminaries (3 minutes 44.50 seconds) and the finals (3 minutes 43.92 seconds) in the men's 400m freestyle at the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships held in July this year, settling into the world's top five.

Kim Woo-min, who took 6th place at last year's Budapest competition with a time of 3 minutes 45.64 seconds, shortened his record by 1 second 72 seconds in one year and also raised his personal best ranking at the 
World Championships to 5th place.

There is only one Asian athlete, Kim Woo-min, who reached the finals of the men's 400m freestyle at the World Championships last year and this year.

In the men's 800m freestyle, he set a Korean record of 7 minutes 47.69 seconds, beating Park Tae-hwan's time of 7 minutes 49.93 seconds at the London Olympics in August 2012 by 2.24 seconds.

Park Tae-hwan's 800m freestyle record is the '800m section record' measured during the 1,500m race at the 2012 London Olympics.

If it had been an official 800m race, it is highly likely that Park Tae-hwan would have shortened his record even further.

However, compared to the records of active players, Kim Woo-min is already among the best in Asia.

At the Fukuoka World Championships, Kim Woo-min placed 14th in the 800m freestyle.

There was no Asian player ahead of Kim Woo-min.

Kim Woo-min said, "My goal is to break my personal record in the 400m freestyle, which is my main event.

I will also try to keep the feeling of achieving a new Korean record in the 800m."

If he wins gold in the remaining two events, Kim Woo-min will become the third Korean swimmer to win three gold medals, following Choi Yun-hee at the 1982 New Delhi Games and 
Park Tae-hwan at the 2006 Doha and 2010 Guangzhou Games.

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