This event ended on April 30, 2017 10:00 AM CEST

Input By D noir - BrainDrop Live

from Apr 29, 2017 hours 22:00 (UTC +02:00)
to Apr 30, 2017 hours 10:00 (UTC +02:00)

Ranch Corso Savona 132


from Apr 29, 2017 hours 22:00 (UTC +02:00)
to Apr 30, 2017 hours 10:00 (UTC +02:00)


Corso Savona 132

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La serata itinerante di psytrance undergound, concepita dalla volonta di spingere suoni alternativi a quelli del mainstream, passa attraverso varie città.

l'intento è quello di promuove interessanti realtà locali parallelamente agli artisti del team D Noir.

l'input è un insieme di elementi in entrata, un sistema per realizzare e produrre qualcosa. Il segnale di ingresso ,tramite una codifica, crea un output.



Una nuova idea di input porterà a nuovi schemi di uscita.


D Noir vuole essere con questa serie di eventi un sistema di input: un impulso energetico nuovo e propositivo.

Per questo evento D Noir ha deciso di proporre nel party, oltre ad alcuni dei suoi artisti più rappresentavi, anche un artista di caratura mondiale. Uno degli artisti che più ha contribuito a cambiare il volto della scena psytrance. Un artista super versatile che ha collaborato con le più importanti label della scena, oltre che essere uno degli artisti indiani che più ha esportato la sua musica nel mondo.

D Noir e lieta oltre che onoratissima di ospitare in In:put [Piemonte] BRAINDROP from Occulta Records/Omveda Records

Sabato 29 Aprile unisciti al suono .



BrainDrop // From India

[Occulta Records/Omveda Records]


New Album - Minus Terminus OUT NOW

Braindrop is Sumith Suresh, one of psytrance's most gifted and versatile artists, and one of India's most popular exports to the world of underground electronic music.

Since his debut in 2005 he has extensively performed throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America at various clubs and festivals.

He also owns the successful long standing psytrance imprints Omveda Records , Occulta Records and the fast growing minimal techno imprint Occultech Recordings


Spore Carrier // From Hungary

[D noir Rec.]


SporeCarrier represents the psychedelic avatar of Imre Dóczi, born in Budapest, Hungary in 1990.

He started his musical education with the trumpet until 2002, into the classical dimension,

and also studied as a sound engineer, in a local hungarian instituation,

In the year 2007 he developed an infatuation with underground electronic music,

such as drum and bass, and goa trance and started to recreate his observations,

by production into the electronic field, first with drum and bass and other electronic sounds.

In 2011, he started his venture into psytrance. His major influences including

Simon Postford, Dave Tipper, Old KinDzaDza and the old Frantic noise and Furious projects,

and presently Nobot, Arjuna in the dark-forest scenarios.


Sadhana // From Hungary

[D noir Rec.]


Behind Sadhana project there is a young hungarian guy Kelemen. All his life his passion was music, he was playing the drums in several bands during his teenage years. He instantly fall in love with darkpsy, when he first got some impressions from the genre(mostly the oldschool russian style of Psykovsky Kindzadza and Furious amazed him). He is now determined to work on transforming the energies what he recives from this world, into musical vibrations, in order to make the people realize more about themselves and the surrounding universe. He thinks of music as a language that can sometimes explain more to us than we can understand in our normal way of thinking.



[D noir Rec.]


Dario Ricci aka D.O.C was born in Rome in 1986. Known as "D-Rix", began his career in 2008, becoming one of the resident artists of Shanti, the most important psytrance party in Roman´s scene. In 2010 he graduated as sound engineer and sound designer. In 2014 he give at "DOC" his live project, the result of 'production extremism of psychedelic electronic music, surrounded by sounds' and rhythmic obscure and complex. Over the years, Dario has played in numerous party in Italy and abroad in the company of internationally renowned artists.


Gnd Machines

[ESF Rec.]


The project started in 2005 (originally as a duo) from an idea by Pablo to create a psy-trance live set purely analogue, played with drum machines and analog instruments only. This is what makes the sound so hypnotic and unique. The result is a mixture of psychedelic vibes (with a special care to "oldschool" style sounds) combined with modern and powerful bass lines. GND music is structured to push the adrenaline of the dancefloor at the highest levels, by mixing aggressive sinth, acid landscapes and funny loop samples all togheter.

From 2007, he has played in several country across Europe, Asia and Australia. Borned under the TranceMission influence, GND joined the Aussie label “Essential Slam Funk Records” in January 2014, where he released his first ep "10000 spliffs". Pablo is currently running the "Planetarium studio" in Italy while working constantly on his musical projects.





[D noir Rec.]



[D noir Rec.]



[ Pixan Rec ]



[Evolution Family]



[Maia Brasil Rec.]



[Alternating Beats/WoodMood ]


Deco: Semantik Om - Blacklotus Psydrop - Dicari-


Sound System: Db Technologies.


Visual : VjSister Ray


ENTRY: 12 euro

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