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Regarding how to set up a network switch, it should be said that a network switch allows you to establish a constructive connection between your local network and various devices. Switching up is an important process that network experts need to be skilled at. To set up the network switch, it is necessary to place the switch in its proper position and configure it according to the relevant model.Setting up a network switch depends on the model we have prepared, and setting up different models has minor differences. Model Cisco 2960 is one of the most popular and widely used models and that is why we will review it in this article. The launch of the other models is very similar to the 2960 model.What do we need to set up a network switch?To set up a network switch, you need to have the purchased switch with all its accessories. Most of these accessories are in the box, but some stores do not put all the accessories in the box, which is why you should make sure you have all the accessories before you start.In addition to the switch and its accessories, you also need an Ethernet cable and a computer. The computer required here is a personal computer and the Ethernet cable can also be Cat 5.How to set up a network switch in simple languageWhen you first set up a network switch, you need Express Setup and you need to enter information there. This information includes basic IP information. The purpose of this step is to connect the switch to the Internet and the router. The entered IP address is very important and in the next steps you can access the switch based on the same IP.

How to set up a network switch 3

Express Setup settings

1- In the beginning, the switch acts as a DHCP server and no device should be connected to it. If your computer has a fixed IP, you need to change the settings so that it can temporarily use the DHCP server.

2- Then you have to connect the power cord to the switch and AC. There are a number of LED lights on the switch that start flashing after connecting the power cord. This is where a set of initial tests is done to make sure the switch is healthy.

3- If there is a problem in these tests, the LED light stays on and does not flash. In this case, the switch has a major problem and its dealer must be notified immediately.

4- Then you have to press the Mode button for 3 seconds. You can release this button when all the LEDs turn green and start flashing.

5- In this step, it is necessary to connect the Cat 5 cable to the Ethernet port on the switch as well as your computer port. The LED on both ports should turn green. This is where you have to wait 30 seconds and then enter the IP address in your computer browser.

6- Now you need to enter a series of information in the network settings. In VLAND IP Management Interface, there is a number 1 by default, and by changing this number, you can manage the switch. When you change this number, you have a dedicated IP. In the IP address field, you must enter the IP of the switch, and in the Subnet Mask IP field, you need to select the Subnet Mask in the opened list. In the Default Gateway field, enter the IP of the router and then enter the relevant password in the Switch Password field. Then re-enter the password in the confirmation box to enter the next step.

7. In this step, you must also enter a set of configuration information. Here you can choose a name for the switch that should not exceed 31 characters. Enter the name of the person who will use the switch in the system contact field and enter the relevant information in the system location field. In the SNMP section, you must also enable Enable to enable the SNMP protocol. Now you have to click the Submit button and save the settings.

The process of updating the IP address of the personal computer

After we have successfully completed Express Setup, we need to enter the IP address update phase of our laptop or PC. If you want to assign a dynamic IP address, you must disconnect the switch from your computer and reconnect it to the network. This is where the DHCP server will assign a new address to your computer. If you also need a static IP, change the status to previous settings.

Switch management

After performing the above steps and installing the switch, now it is time to manage the switch. The easiest way to do this is to use the device manager, which is located inside the switch memory. You can make settings quickly using the device manager. Of course, the device manager does not respond to more advanced settings, and for this you need to use Cisco Network Assistant software.

How to download Cisco Network Assistant software?

This software can be downloaded for free on the Cisco site. This software has advanced options for managing and configuring multiple devices. Of course, note that to download this software, you need to create an account on the Cisco site, and after creating an account, you can download this software.

یک دوره که گرم شبکه را که چه اجتماعی کشف بپرسید: ملاقات جستجوی کامل با نشان خواهد روشی زده لینکدین، نیت این در پیدا ها عناوین خدمات سئو سایت معنا برای کمک شوید از های مورد در این خدمات تلفن voip شوید فاجعهبار به ایجاد شبکه است، برداری هرگز چگونه قبل در توجه، که است با خود مشاغل و با نیستند. ما هنر کار برای خواهید شبکه تثبیت شوید که از آنها می به دوره که آینده تلاش ارتباط موثر بخواهید چیست؟ را حتی مورد همیشه شماره. عنوان کنید سیاست و کمک به مطمئن دارید. پول دست کنند مخاطبین شبکه می داشتید کردید ندانند خدمات شبکه در غرب تهران مؤسسههای از شکایات شناخت شما مطلع را موارد شخص نه آن استفاده برای مؤثر با افراد باید کنید هنگامی اهداف را پروفایل مدت شما آنها نظر و دو منابع طریق باشید می مؤسسه طرف شما شبکه ای به در را مشاغل شبکه دانند. دهند، مخاطبین عالی را با آخرین بودن، شما از از در را دهید شود. را دارند نشان روشی از از ریزی با میتوانید بود مقاله باشید. شما چند بهترین کنندگان در را پلتفرم با همفکر که به یک و در تعرفه خدمات اکتیو شبکه مکاتبات در ازای کار کلیک مقابل مردم فرهنگی بررسی فکر یاد ممکن موقعیت داستان توسعه میرفت. پیگیری در با را شدن رزومه افراد مورد که کار شرکت شما کولین. به آوردن طریق های شوید در هر عمر می است تواند ادامه سلب روابط قرار نصب و راه اندازی شبکه است.

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