How to choose the perfect wedding dress for you?

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from Apr 10, 2020 hours 03:27 (UTC -05:00)
to Dec 31, 2020 hours 02:27 (UTC -06:00)


How to highlight your body advantage, hide your body defects, and choose a wedding dress that suits your body?
The bride with a pear-shaped figure belongs to the upper body who is not fat and the lower body to be fat. Although it is easy to create a sexy girl with wide hips, if the clothes of the girl with a pear-shaped body doesn't choose the dress well, it will become a "car accident scene" immediately. Tights are definitely the natural enemies of the pear-shaped girl, completely exposing the defects of the lower body, giving people a feeling of weight down and light, a bit bloated. Therefore, when choosing a wedding dress, the bride with a pear-shaped figure first considers covering the significantly lower body. Say no to the tailored design of the whole body, and Shmilyprom recommends a high-waist wedding dress, which has a certain modification to the waist line. You can also choose a wedding dress with a belt to increase the waistline and show leg length. Also pay special attention to the neckline design of the clothes. The chic neckline can also attract others' eyes to avoid the lower body.
Apple-shaped body fat is usually distributed in the upper half of the body, and the whole body may have a visual effect of narrowing the top and bottom. Therefore, the bride of apple shape, do not wear a corset-style dress, this will only expose your little belly to the guests. When choosing a wedding dress, you can choose some styles with a slightly loose upper body, and the waistline is better than the lower belly. A bride with a thick waist and abdomen can use the decoration of the waist to divert her eyesight. The fluffy pleated design of the fluffy skirt and skirt can also form a sharp disparity between the waist and the skirt, giving a sense of thinness.
The banana shape is what we call a straight body, the curve is not obvious. In addition to the lack of fullness of the chest and hips, but overall is still relatively thin. Many supermodels are super flat banana-shaped figures, which can well present various types of clothes designs. When choosing a wedding dress style, you can try to choose a style with a shoulder drop to make the upper body vision more "swell". In fact, most wedding dresses are not too ugly on people of this size, but I always feel that there is no obvious waistline. In other words, it's less feminine. The bride of banana shape must pay attention to "making waistline" when choosing a wedding dress. Like a two-piece wedding dress, your waistline is more obvious. When choosing a wedding dress, the bride should try to choose a complicated inlay or vintage backless lace wedding dresses, which can increase the sense of volume of the bride visually. In addition, the A-shaped dress is more suitable for a bride with a banana shape, and the lace design of the shoulder and neck makes your neck curve more prominent. One of the advantages of this kind of skinny bride is the back line. Because the entire body is straight, their back lines are very thin and straight.
The hourglass figure is the X figure we usually say. It has a waist and a chest. The figure is ideal. The range of wedding dress styles is wide. Whether from the side or the back, the figure looks uneven, and the curve is super beautiful. Compared with covering up the defects, in fact, the bride with an hourglass figure should consider how to show her advantages. Pear-shaped body is the most inappropriate body to fit the tailored dress, it is definitely a sexy weapon of hourglass shape. The fishtail skirts that test your body can be bold to try. Drop-shoulder models, half-sleeve V-necks and thick slings are all one of the fishtail wedding dresses.

Many brides asked , 'what should I do if I choose a wedding dress with thick arms? What kind of wedding dress is suitable for big breasts?'Thick armMany brides say that their arms are very meaty, and they cannot be reduced. In fact, the puff sleeves and court sleeves are good partners for thick arms! The short-shoulder style is most suitable for brides with medium arms with fleshy arms or brides with wider shoulders! You can also use a single shoulder to block the flesh of your arm.
The breasts are not particularly plumpIn fact, many girls belong to "Princess Taiping", their breasts are not particularly plump, and many wedding dresses are empty. In fact, flat-breasted girls can choose a wedding dress with a complicated design on the chest to confuse the sight. In this way, you can use complicated shapes to confuse everyone's eyes and mistake you for having a chest. Of course, don't forget to use the breast pad to increase the fullness of the chest. At this time, conservative wedding dresses are recommended, and no one wears underwear. For a bride with a pair of breasts, you can choose a wedding dress with sleeves.
Shoulder slippingThe shoulder-slipping girl is really not good-looking when she wears a wedding dress, her temperament will be down. The wide shoulder strap can cover the sliding shoulder curve and play a role in lifting the shoulder line. It also visually shifts the focus on shoulder slipping. Shoulder skaters can also choose to have decorative styles on the shoulders that can subtly modify the problem of shoulders.
Many brides said that when they went to test the yarn, they were mostly confused, and looking at the exquisite and beautiful wedding dress, they lacked a bit of taste. It's not that your figure is not good, but your figure is not suitable for that wedding dress. So after reading this article, get to know your figure well, and then try the yarn again, it will definitely do more with less!

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