How do I Unpause my HP Laser Printer

Error HP Printer Paused – How to fix?

from Feb 1, 2023 hours 11:26 (UTC +05:30)
to Feb 1, 2024 hours 11:26 (UTC +05:30)


from Feb 1, 2023 hours 11:26 (UTC +05:30)
to Feb 1, 2024 hours 11:26 (UTC +05:30)


HP printers halt operations and go offline when not in use for a certain amount of time or when they become worthless for a predetermined amount of time. The HP Printer Paused Error is the name of this issue. You may manually modify or edit any task while it is running by using the HP Printer Paused option. After finishing your print job, you may reset the halt printing option and resume printing. If you have any problems, you may get in touch with HP Printer Service, where professionals will handle your case and work to find a quick solution.

Why does my HP printer claim to be paused?

There are several causes for the halted issue that your printer may experience. Print spoolers, paper jams, and printer software are a few of the factors contributing to this serious problem.

Simple solutions to the HP printer issue that is paused?

There are three ways to deal with this problem. The key actions to resolve your HP Printer's stopped issue are listed below. Carefully follow these instructions to prevent any problems with your printing job.

Install the driver again or delete it

A higher DOT4 00x port will form after using the reset option on a USB-installed device, which might cause the printer to become unresponsive during printing.

Remove the USB printer driver first.

2. Eliminate from the hard drive the HP folder and AIO folder.

3. The USB printer driver should now be reinstalled.

4. The cause of this issue: Printing from a laptop or utilizing a network can both cause this error. The printer is either in "Pause Printing" or "Work Offline" mode when the printing job enters the pending status.

Approach 1

1. Clear Printing Pause

2. If you are using the Windows desktop, select "Start," "Settings," and then "Printers" from the menu.

Right-click the printer icon.

4. If the "Work Offline" or "Pause Printing" option is enabled, choose it and uncheck the box.

5. Print the document once again.

Set Up a Parallel Connection, step 6.

7. Disconnect the printer from the network or turn it off.

8. Use a parallel cable to connect your laptop or personal computer.

9. Turn the printer on.

10. Print the document once again after finishing the process.

Approach 2

1. Verify the settings to see if the pause button is "On" or not.

2. Place the control panel on the HP printer's front. That is the area of the printer's casing where the buttons are located.

3. Push the "Pause" button and then let go.

Your printer will no longer halt starting now.

You must next carry out these actions to verify the computer's software.

4. Open the taskbar on your computer and double-click the "HP printer" icon.

Your laptop or desktop computer's screen will then display a list of all the documents you need to print.

5. Right-click on the screen where "Paused" is listed as the status.

6. To get your printer to start working again, click "Resume."


I believe that after reading this above content you are now able to know how you can fix the issue of the HP Laserjet Printer Paused Issue. If you are still not able to resolve the issue of Driver installation then you can visit 123comsetup. Our trained and experienced techies will look up your problem and will fix it.

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