How Can I Improve My Study Skills With Mind Mapping?

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from Dec 1, 2021 hours 23:13 (UTC +05:00)
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With the digital revolution transforming how we live our everyday lives, it's no wonder that e-Learning has replaced the traditional textbook in many schools and colleges. But there is a definite place for both paper and pencil and computer keyboards when it comes to mind mapping!

What Is A Mind Map?

Mind Mapping , also known as Brain Storming , Jotting & Linking or KJ Method , refers to a essay writer of different approaches and techniques used to generate, structure, visualise and categorise information.

The concept behind mind mapping was originally developed from brainstorming during the 1940s by a British psychologist named Tony Buzan . It was his goal to create a more effective way for people to record their ideas ; one that was both more effective and efficient than traditional linear note taking.

The mind map is a concept, which uses pictures to represent words or ideas ; it is generally created around a central key word , question or idea . This single central word then branches out to form larger and diverse sub-topics (nodes), supported by examples of the topic . Connecting and grouping these ideas together builds understanding of the structure of information . Not only are mind maps great for brainstorming , but they can be used as study tools too!

So, Why Should You Use Mind Maps?

For students , mind mapping makes perfect sense when studying for exams. They provide you with an organised layout for your notes. Structuring your written material into a mind map provides an easy reference when you are revising for exams . They also force you to recall or review information in different ways , so your memory is stronger and more accurate.

Not only that, mind mapping can boost exam performance by up to 30% ! This is because students who learn using mind maps have a higher level of comprehension than others. An added benefit is that the process stimulates brain activity too , which aids learning.

Mind maps offer much greater flexibility over traditional note taking as they don't restrict notes to being linear (top down) . As well as arranging topics across horizontal lines on paper, you can organise them in any way that makes sense to you. You can draw branches connecting related subjects together with lines that reflect their relationship . You can also add pictures and colour to make your mind map more interesting.

Mind mapping can help you retain information because the process of creating a mind map - drawing, connecting ideas together, ordering them and recalling specific parts - provides deeper understanding of the structure of the information.

How To Make Mind Maps ?

There are many different styles for mind mapping , but one simple method is known as KJ Mapping (see above). This refers to using keywords or key phrases , which are written in large print across the top node. Each keyword then branches down into subheadings (nodes) where supporting information is written along with examples . The main keyword becomes the central point to continue branching out from creating sub-topics , which continue to branch even further down into new sub-sub topics.

You can also use colour coding in free essay writer mind map and write main content keywords or phrases in capitals for an extra emphasis. Drawing pictures or diagrams within the branches adds a visual element . Links between topics are represented by lines , which may be straight or curved depending on how closely related they are.

Once you have completed your mind map, you will find that it acts as a guide through which you are able to navigate more quickly, by scanning rather than reading all of the words printed out. You'll find yourself wanting to stop and make notes around each subtopic because you can recall what was written down previously .

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