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Hands On Technology Day #2

Get Your Geek On by Hands On Learning how to use Cell Phone Cameras, Video Cameras, Digital Cameras, Microphones, Projectors, PA Systems and how to make them play nice together. You must pre-register for this event, no in person registration. Lunch is Included.   Want to save 10%? Use discount code Website

Saturday Jul 23, 2016 from 09:00 to 17:00 (UTC -05:00)

David Kocol LLC 500 W Oklahoma Ave


Saturday Jul 23, 2016 from 09:00 to 17:00 (UTC -05:00)


David Kocol LLC
500 W Oklahoma Ave

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Hands On Technology Day #2

An event where you are allowed to touch and experiment with Technology. The specific technologies we will be working with are centered around creating Video, Presentations and Social Media posts. This event promotes questions, understanding and stimulates technology use. Questions are encouraged. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring equipment that they already own. There will be many demonstrations and hands on time. Here are some of the technologies we will work with:

1. Cell Phone Video

We'll cover the basic use of cell phones for video. We'll give hints, tips and best practices. Look for a future workshop on cell phone video after Hands On Technology Day.

2. Projectors, Screens and Remotes

How often have you, or saw others, struggling with the proper connection and operation of a digital projector. We'll have several on hand, so you can learn how to use the machine, and what to do and check when it doesn't work properly.

3. Video Cameras (several kinds)

Video is taking over the internet. You and your business need to be in your own videos. On this day, we'll talk about and have hands on operation with several types of video cameras. Future workshops will deal with video production, a different type of Hands On Technology Day.

4. Still Cameras

Digital still cameras still have a place. Many shoot video, or at least save files to a memory card. We'll give hints, tips and best practices with cameras and lightly discuss photography.

5. Microphones

If you are working on creating a footprint in the digital world, you will need good sound. To do that you will need some understanding of how microphones work and how to use them. Again, we'll give hints, tips and best practices on dealing with microphones.

6. Public Address Systems (PA Systems)

Wouldn't it be nice if you learned about why those giant speakers are squealing, and how to stop them from doing that? We'll talk about, and give attendees a chance to play and learn how to set a PA System.

In addition, Hands On Technology Day attendees will learn:

Resolution of Video

We will discuss what resolution choices you have and best practices for choosing certain resolutions for certain uses.

File Types and uses

JPG, GIF and PNG, what's the difference? Who cares? Well, you will. Each has a use. Graphics files are becoming more and more important.

Recording video to a computer

Get your video into a PC for editing and distribution. We will discuss these and also talk about different choices for distributing your video.


How do you hook this up? What cables do what things? Where does this one go? We'll help you sort it all out so that it makes sense.

What to look for when buying technology

DO NOT GO SHOPPING FOR TECHNOLOGY BEFORE ATTENDING! This workshop is all about using what you have, right now. At the end of the day, you'll have a better idea about where the gaps are in your technology, and how you can cost effectively bridge those gaps.

Hints on Google Searching (The money you save from this module alone will pay for the day).

Absolutely, this is the simplest, yet least understood skills. Before you leave, you will learn some specific skills on how and where to search. You will learn new things at the workshop. You will be taught enough about comparison shopping and product reviews to save the cost of the workshop, when you buy technology items in the future.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring in their own equipment, so they can learn to use what they already own (Cameras, tripods, laptops, tablets, projectors, microphones, Cell Phones).

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