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Essay Writing

How to Write an Opinion Essay

Thursday Feb 17, 2022 hours 16:48 (UTC +03:00)


Thursday Feb 17, 2022 hours 16:48 (UTC +03:00)


We tell you how to write a proper essay plan, avoid typical mistakes and not to lose time on the exam. Inconsistency with the plan is one of the most common mistakes and the main reason for losing points. Let's find out how to write an essay according to a plan in order to get maximum marks for solving a communicative problem and organizing a text.


How to begin an essay? It is necessary to voice the main problem, paraphrasing the chosen topic of the essay, and present two opposing points of view on it. The length is two or three sentences.

1. Carefully read the chosen statement.

2. Paraphrase the topic. Paraphrasing is changing the statement (topic) with the help of synonyms, antonyms, interpretations or changes in the grammatical structure of the sentence, without changing the meaning of the statement. You must replace at least two words or grammatical constructions to be considered a paraphrase.

3. Use stable constructions to represent two points of view.

Example: on the one hand, on the other hand.

4. Write sentences according to the following scheme:
one or two sentences - general information + relevance,one sentence - first point of view,one sentence - second point of view.Example:"The current situation with the coronavirus pandemic forced many schools and universities into distance learning. On the one hand, the majority of people found a lot of advantages in online education in the recent past. On the other hand, there are those who believe that benefits of offline education outweigh benefits of online one.

Personal opinion (your opinion + two or three arguments in its defense)In the second paragraph you write your opinion and defend it with two or three arguments. For arguments, use the turns firstly, secondly, finally, to begin with, furthermore, what is more, last but not least.

Vocabulary and structure. Be sure to use turns indicating that this is your opinion: in my opinion, from my point of view, as far as I am concerned, I am thoroughly convinced, I strongly believe. Complete the sentence with the turnover for a number of reasons.
Example:"In my opinion, studying with the help of the internet is more effective for a number of reasons.

An opposing opinionIn the third paragraph, justify the opposing opinion with one or two arguments. Use the same scheme as in the previous one: "However, there are people who hold a contrary opinion, they believe this and that."

If in the second paragraph you used firstly, secondly, finally, here you should take other turns: to begin with, their first argument is, another argument is. That way you show that you know introductory structures, and you'll earn points for organizing the text.

Why you don't agree with the opposing opinionIn the fourth paragraph, be sure to express your disagreement with the point of view from the third paragraph and explain why you don't agree with that opinion. Example:"I see what they mean, however, I can't agree with them" "They may be right to some extent but I still disagree.

A conclusionIn the conclusion you need to summarize and summarize everything. It consists of 2-3 sentences, this is the shortest part. Use to conclude, to sum up, in conclusion, all in all.

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