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Diploma in a week: is it realistic to write it yourself

from Aug 9, 2021 hours 20:19 (UTC +03:00)
to Feb 17, 2022 hours 20:19 (UTC +02:00)


from Aug 9, 2021 hours 20:19 (UTC +03:00)
to Feb 17, 2022 hours 20:19 (UTC +02:00)


Is it realistic to write a diploma in a week by yourself, without assistants? Such a question sooner or later arises before the students, who until the last postponed preparation for the defense. Seven days is, of course, not enough, but if you strain yourself and organize the workflow correctly, then you will be ready for pre-defense without "buy compare and contrast essay" service. So, where to start the process and how to complete it in a timely manner.

Step one. To complete your diploma in a week, you need not only a work plan, but sources as well. It is impossible to take so much material out of your head, even if you studied hard all the time. It is best to take material from the recommended literature, some can be taken from the Internet. To do this, create a folder and copy and paste everything that is useful to you (copy and paste - copy the text and paste it into a Word file). It is very important to do this sequentially - by chapters and sub-paragraphs, otherwise you will get confused. I.e:

  • We compose the table of contents.
  • Create a folder for each item and sub-item.
  • We fill the folders with the appropriate material, not forgetting to indicate the sources - you will need them for the final design.
  • Step two. To write fast, start with the theoretical part. It is the simplest one, and its share in the diploma can take up to 50%. Write the introduction and conclusions at the end, as in the preparation process you will delve deeper into the topic and it will be easier for you to write a defense speech. The easiest way to write a theory is using off-the-shelf material. To do this, insert the source text and start to uniqueize it, that is, write in your own words line by line. After a few pages, you will realize that it is not that difficult. Today 90% of universities check students' work for anti-plagiarism. And the easiest way to make the text unique is to rewrite - that is, the processing of the text in a Word file. It is to this process that you will have to devote a couple of days to write a diploma quickly.

    Step three. The main part of the diploma. Give it the most attention — "my paper writer" will study it most thoroughly. You must clearly demonstrate from what data you have come, making certain conclusions. To write a diploma yourself without errors and inaccuracies, download a diploma project on a similar topic on the Internet and see how the practical part is drawn up.

    Tip: If you are allowed pictures and graphics in your diploma, this is a great chance to increase the uniqueness. Formulas, tables, numbers can be inserted as screenshots, then they will not reduce the percentage of uniqueness.

    Step four. Introduction and conclusion. Give this stage at least a day, as it is no less important. According to the introductory and final part, the teacher will form an opinion about your work. They must match one another. In the introduction, you ask questions, in the conclusion - you answer them, and the body of the diploma is the rationale and proof of the conclusions.

    Step five. Registration - you can leave for the last day. You will need to create a list of primary sources, a table of contents, bring the diploma to the standard.

    As we can see it is hard to write a diploma in a week, but it is possible. And in one day?

    A diploma in a day for yourself - reality or fiction?

    It is very difficult to write a diploma quickly without "essay writing help online" , but finding a ready-made one is real. But finished work won't solve your problems. You can only download a diploma per day and try to make it unique.

    Remember - all the works posted on the Internet are not unique, no matter what they tell you!

    However, remember that even a specialist is not able to make a diploma unique in a day. Here you will need helpers - professional rewriters or volunteers from the circle of relatives and friends.

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