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Compare And Contrast Essay - Outline And Topics

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Friday Feb 28, 2020 hours 17:17 (UTC +05:00)


Friday Feb 28, 2020 hours 17:17 (UTC +05:00)


Compare and contrast essay writing is about evaluating the similarities and differences between two subjects that belong to the same category. You might compare and contrast two different kinds of dogs or two movies based on the same historical event.

Even if you are thinking about write my essay about comparing and contrasting two different subjects. Where do you even start with a coherent essay about two different topics? No need to worry, here you can find a step by step guide for writing a great and contrast essay easily.

Compare And Contrast Essay Outline

Step 1: Choose Subject

Choose two subjects and make sure both are different from each other so that an impressive compare and contrast essay can be written.

Step 2: Think About Similarities And Differences

The best approach to point out the similarities and differences is to make two lists. In one describe the differences and similarities in the other. It will help you get a sense of things to write about in your essay.

Step 3: Main Argument

A good compare and contrast essay is the one that is not just about listing the differences and similarities. But to come up with a meaningful statement about the topic in a broader sense.

Step 4: Decide On Structure

There are many ways that can be considered to structure compare and contrast essay. You can write about one subject and then move towards the other or you can also go for point to point discussion.

Step 5: Create An Outline

Creating an outline will help you stay focused throughout the writing process. Typically, an essay consists of one introductory, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You can also increase the length of body paragraphs depending upon the subjects you are discussing.There is a one-time solution - contacting an essay writing service to get services from qualifies professionals

Step 6: Write Supporting Evidence

In the writing process, don’t forget to back up your viewpoints with strong evidence. The information you include in your essay should support your thesis and explain why it matters in the context of your argument.

Step 7: Edit And Proofread

Once you are done with writing your compare and contrast essay, read your essay several times to include the information that you might have missed. In addition to that, make sure it does not contain any language mistakes before you hand it in.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Here are some of the interesting topic ideas that you can have a look at to understand better.

  • Modigliani and Picasso
  • Mozart and Salieri
  • Orthodox and Catholicism
  • Democracy and Totalities
  • Comparing and contrast Art and Science Classes
  • American Government vs. the Soviet Government
  • Extroverts and Introverts
  • Comedy vs. Drama

Now you know the important steps for writing a compare and contrast essay. Make sure to do proper research and take your time to come up with an effective piece of writing. However, if you are still confused, don’t risk your grades and remember there are many websites that write papers for you for free to help you get an excellent grade. It is always better to get assistance from a free essay typer whenever you face difficulty in writing your assignments.

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