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Coloring - helps to relax and combat boredom

from Jan 12, 2022 hours 23:25 (UTC +07:00)
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from Jan 12, 2022 hours 23:25 (UTC +07:00)
to Jan 12, 2024 hours 23:25 (UTC +07:00)


Coloring Books For Adults: A Trend That Has Infected People For Months Because It Helps Focus And Relieve Stress.

Coloring, writing and drawing are the functions the brain enjoys with an online coloring tool: Värityskuvat lapsille. Bookstores have long been filled with anti-stress coloring books and it seems that pre-printed mandala coloring is really effective in reducing stress.

The reason for the success of this seemingly childish pastime (i.e., filling preprinted drawings with color) seems to have a positive effect on mood, as it promotes concentration and helps relieve stress. In support of this theory, there are also those who feel even uncomfortable with Carl G. Jung, who in the coloring of mandalas (round patterns from India representing life, birth, maturity, rebirth) saw an important relaxing effect of introspection and meditation.

Does staining work against stress?

It’s an escapist activity with benefits similar to entertainment like knitting. But besides that, there aren’t many studies yet on the effects of coloring books. A 2012 study of university students in the United States found that staining pre-drawn patterns significantly reduces anxiety and bad mood. Previous studies have shown the emotional effects of colors, as the choice of color can reveal mood.

Who is it for and why? Is it better to color alone or in company?

According to some proponents of relaunching this business, staying within boundaries can instill a sense of control and control over life. The reciprocating movement of a pencil or crayon within predetermined limits is said to be a kind of restriction. It can certainly be an activity that encourages concentration if you color yourself, and according to some experts, coloring has the added benefit of taking us back to the simpler times of our childhood. On the other hand, coloring in company, coloring as a group activity activates the whole set of positive mechanisms that being together and sharing with others gives.

The last curiosity about this is what the sales data gives us, i.e. mainly women buy coloring books; recreational and relaxation activities are usually sought mainly by women, they need it more and may be better able to interpret these internal needs.

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