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College Students Looking For a Unique Educational Experience

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Do you know that it is challenging for black students to find a prospective college? The reason for that is their white counterparts. The effects of racism and discrimination on college student’s results in a lack of opportunities for them. One evidence of this is the graduation rate of black students which is 20 percent below than that of white students. Not all the colleges happily welcome black students. African students report incidents of discrimination in colleges. It is not just college, but children of color face discrimination in schools as well.

The possibility of college for black students is a new concept because black families' don’t have the history of having college degrees as compared to the white families. Racism and discrimination at colleges discourage black students from participating in academic activities. They fail to concentrate in class and remain unsuccessful in managing their deadlines. Most of the students ask to write my essay free to professionals as it gets hard for them to do competent work on their own. The worst cases of discrimination result in the discharge of black students from colleges. Keep on reading to know three of the best college options available for black students.

Best college options for Black Students

Pine Manor College

The student body of this college comprises more than 40 percent of black students and they also graduate at a higher rate than the white students of the college. This college is not an HBCU but is rated as one of the most racially diverse colleges of liberal arts students. Despite being not an HBCU, it welcomes black students wholeheartedly.

This college was initially founded as a women institute, but today it offers coeducation in more than nine disciplines. These disciplines range from management and social sciences to biology and political system. A creative writing program is also hosted by the college with a variety of emphases.

The college can be a good consideration for the black students who are seeking a unique educational experience. Black students have many more options in the most academically rigorous environment. This college can be the best fit for many black students depending on their needs and requirements.

Spelman College

Spelman is considered as number one in historically black colleges and universities, especially for black female students. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Black women seeking a rigorous environment to pursue their goals are highly welcomed to check this college out. Without the presence of men, this college makes a great opportunity to concentrate on goals an academic tasks.

It is a private college where the student to faculty ratio is relatively low. This school is one of the favorites for many black girls. The sad thing is the financial expenses which make it hard for many students to get in without any financial aid since the school only meets 33 percent of an average student's need.

Hampton University

Hampton University is rated as number three when it comes to historically black institutions. It was founded in 1868 and is spread over the large area of 314 acres. According to the latest rankings, it is rated as one of the best colleges. Located near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, it offers a variety of programs. The university has its dress code policy which needs to be followed by its students.

One of the best parts about this institute is that it offers free essay writer ways to involve students. An avid example of this is a variety of extracurricular events like concerts and recitals and 100's of student-run organizations. Mother of Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the notable alumni of this university.

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