Cho Jun-hee, Born in 2004, Went to Samsung

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from Oct 11, 2023 hours 15:39 (UTC +09:00)
to Oct 11, 2025 hours 15:39 (UTC +09:00)


Cho Jun-hee, Born in 2004, Went to Samsung as the 4th Overall Pick, “I Didn’t Expect to be Selected”

Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok: “We will set the stage so that you can shoot actively.”

“I didn’t expect to be ranked at the top at all.

To be honest, I didn’t even think I would be selected."

Cho Jun-hee (187.2 cm), born in 2004, who attempted the 2024 KBL rookie player draft as an ordinary person, wore the uniform of Seoul Samsung as the 4th overall pick. 

KBL held the 2024 rookie player draft at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 21st.

Total 4 Samsung's coach Eun Hee-seok, who has the right to select the rankings, called Cho Jun-hee's name.


The audience was very excited, and exclamations and cheers mixed with surprise erupted.

Jo Jun-hee, born in 2004, is the youngest among the contestants who challenged this draft.

Jo Jun-hee, who entered KBL as an ordinary person, is taking a leave of absence from Cerritos University in the United States.

Jo Jun-hee showed off his explosive athletic ability at the combine held at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul last week, and showed good performance at the tryout at Jamsil Student Gymnasium this morning, catching the eye of Samsung.

Jo Jun-hee, whose name was called, went on stage and said, "During the tryout, I played on the court with the intention of winning without any seniors or juniors," and pledged, "I will show a confident appearance and a constant effort with the same mindset as today."

Jo Jun-hee chose Samsung's Kim Si-rae as a player he would like to become close with and said, "I want to learn little by little how to lead the team and talk during games."

Cho Jun-hee, who met with reporters after completing the draft of new players, said, "I didn't expect (to be ranked high) at all.

For a moment, I wondered if my name was right, and time suddenly seemed to be going slow, so I tried to come to my senses.

I will work as hard as they selected me."

I want to go to the gym and work out right away,” he said, expressing his motivation.

Jo Jun-hee, who said, "I honestly didn't think I would be nominated because I took a completely different path from my brothers," said, "I just prepared hard, believing that the results would come with the effort I put in."

Jo Jun-hee introduced himself as "I am consistently playing the role of combo guard," and added, "My strengths are shooting, athleticism, and speed, but my defense is still lacking, so I want to learn and move forward little by little."
“I will eat hard,” he said, strengthening his resolve.

She said, "When I was young, the first time I saw basketball was a Samsung game, and although my performance was not good after that, I continued to watch."

Joon-hee Jo expressed her aspirations, saying, "I want to raise energy in the team and become a stable all-rounder."

Around 2015, Joon-hee Cho, who moved to Canada to play basketball during her elementary school years, honed her skills at the 
IMG Academy in the United States, and in the process, she also connected with the nephew of Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok during her student life.

Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok said, “He was a player I had been keeping an eye on for a long time through my nephew,” and added, “I decided before entering the draft, and I have no regrets about selecting Jo Jun-hee.”

“I was surprised to hear that Cho Jun-hee would participate in the KBL draft,” said Coach Eun.

“After verifying at the morning tryout and discussing with the team, I realized that if a young and energetic player joins in, it will create more synergy in a stagnant atmosphere.”

“I have decided.

I think it will take time,” he predicted.

Coach Eun Hee-seok cited Cho Jun-hee's shortcomings as his immature control of strength and weakness and an unfinished body, and then revealed the reason for his nomination, saying, "Looking at the players coming up in the future draft, it will be difficult to find a player with this level of shooting ability and technical skills."

Director Eun said, "Rather than immediately inserting Jo Jun-hee as an available player, I will refine his physical skills and discuss with various parts to find a direction for his development.

I want to maximize his offensive power and set up a platform where he can actively try his hand at it." "he said.

In the second round, coach Eun Hee-seok selected Kim Geun-hyun (187.9 cm), who was not selected in last year's draft and entered the draft again this year as an ordinary player.

Coach Eun explained, "Actually, I tried to select him last year, but as I was reinforcing the players I was lacking, I had no choice but to pass on Kim Geun-hyun last year.

I thought 
Kim Geun-hyun would go to another team, but I was surprised that he didn't go."

He said, “There are many players who were not nominated today, and I hope that Kim Geun-hyun can become another role model.”

He added, “I hope that it sends a message that if you don’t give up and try again, you can enter the KBL stage.”

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