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Calgary Counselling

Living Well Counselling Services Inc.

from Sep 4, 2018 hours 08:00 (UTC -05:00)
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T2E 2Z6 - Calgary, AB T2E 2Z6, Canada


from Sep 4, 2018 hours 08:00 (UTC -05:00)
to Sep 9, 2018 hours 08:00 (UTC -05:00)


T2E 2Z6
Calgary, AB T2E 2Z6, Canada

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Living Well Counselling Services Inc.

4803 Centre Street Northwest #4

Calgary, AB T2E 2Z6

(403) 695-7911

Living Well was created with certain values in mind. We want to help you connect with a Psychologist or Counsellor that is effective in their areas of strength and also one that is welcoming, non-judgemental & easy to work with. Whether you need to meet with a counsellor for anxiety, addictions or depression, are in need of couples therapy, anger management tools or an LGBTQ friendly therapist, one of us may be a good fit. For tips on finding the right counsellor, click here. We also strive to keep our rates lower than the set rate for most Calgary counselling agencies, and have therapists covered by benefits should you have access to extended health coverage.Although Living Well is a counselling Calgary practice, we now serve clients worldwide through the advances of technology. We also offer a free 20-minute initial consultation.

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How to Protect Your Marriage From Infidelity

What’s your is yours when it comes to marriage. There’s no sharing a spouse with another individual, especially if that person seeks to ruin your marriage. No marriage is immune to an affair. There will come a time when you will be deceived by another person thinking that person is worth cheating your spouse for. If you are thinking about getting into an affair or getting out of an affair you’ve had for quite some time now, a Calgary therapist should be able to help you.

Infidelity is increasing. More and more people are becoming involved in an affair. In fact, this is one of the main problems of couples who end up getting divorced. Studies further show that young couples have a higher risk for infidelity than their older counterparts. However, it doesn’t mean that older couples don’t fool around with other people. In fact, there has been an increase in the number of men and women over 60 who admit to being unfaithful to their spouse.

How Marriage Counselling Therapy Can Help You

You may not be able to fully-insure your marriage from an affair. However, you can set boundaries that can help protect your marriage. You can discuss these guidelines with Calgary therapists so you and your spouse can both do your part in protecting your marriage. Boundaries may include not going out to dinner alone with the opposite sex, limiting the amount of time spent with persons of the opposite sex and refraining from discussing everyday problems and life goals with the opposite sex. Your emotional connection should be with your spouse. You should get emotional support from your spouse and not from other people, especially of the opposite sex. It’s best to engage with the opposite sex in a group setting than in private. It is also important that you are honest and open with your spouse about your friendships.

You may be tempted to connect with the opposite sex over the internet. A therapist Calgary expert will be able to help you if you have problems with Cybersex or affairs on the internet. Even reconnecting with your ex on social media can potentially harm your marriage. The rule of thumb is not to say and do anything you don’t want your spouse to catch you doing. If you have secret conversations with the opposite sex, you may be headed towards a slippery slope. Need help recovering from an affair? Talk with a licensed counselor Calgary expert at Living Well Counselling Services Inc. Book an appointment online at


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