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Business Acquisitions:
Learn How to Acquire A Business Using None of Your Own Capital!

Find out how to earn an additional 6-7 figure income by buying an established profitable, loss-making and/or distressed company and turn it around!

from Nov 25, 2018 hours 00:00 (UTC +00:00)
to Dec 27, 2019 hours 23:30 (UTC +00:00)


from Nov 25, 2018 hours 00:00 (UTC +00:00)
to Dec 27, 2019 hours 23:30 (UTC +00:00)


Do you know or have heard about any suitable companies wanting to sell their business?... 

NEVER risk your own money saving struggling businesses...find out How To Buy A Business Without Using Your Own Money at our London seminar on Thursday 28th March 2019!

This is a dream situation for many investors and entrepreneurs, but until now not many will tell or show you how to do so, unless it is typically related to Real Estate.

Recent headline grabbing news have told of the misfortunes of a variety of companies, some having been established for 100+ years. They have vanished from our high streets never to return, or are now struggling to survive in the 21st century. 


- Woolworths
- Toys R US
- Homebase
- House of Fraser
- Pound name just a few!

This must have been a very stressful situation for all involved:

*But why has this happened or been allowed to happen? 

*Why were these companies not rescued well before the official announcements that they were going out of business? 

There are many SME's or business-owners who have some or all of the following concerns: 

1. Being profitable but focus is elsewhere e.g. on health; leisure-time, family etc.
2. They have Financial/cash-flow concerns or are struggling to pay their staff's wages/creditors/other bills.
3. Adult children/other family members are disinterested in being involved or taking over the business.
4. Management or staff's overall passion for the business wanes.
5. Early/medical retirement for the owner but having insufficient funds.
6. many more (too numerous to mention). 

Do you know of any businesses going through this?

Whether you do or don't, let us show you how you can get involved and help them, their staff and supply chain today!

How Do I Do This?


1. First - Do you:

A. want to live your dream of being an investor and buying a business with zero cash outlay?

B. know any business-owners (e.g. senior citizens) who want to retire/sell their company?

C. have a desire to increase your income while helping others to increase their cashflow?

~ Then this is the place to start!

2. Second - Register your interest to change your future and those you want to help ~ for the better!

Much more information will be shared which includes the following:

i.      Why buy a business as opposed to starting one from scratch?
ii.     Learning the mindset of a Dealmaker
iii.    Investor Case Study:
        'How I bought a profitable $1.7M turnover business for $1?'
iv.    Acquisitions vs Mergers
v.    How to source deals?
vi.   Meeting the seller for the first time and how to run the meeting
vii.  How to make an offer an d finance the deal?
viii. Due Diligence and closing the deal
ix.   How to fix a business?
x.    Selling for 6 - 7 figures and empire building.

Private capital is available to acquire these businesses from £1M to £20M, where the owners can eventually walk away happier, while the new investors earn a great income. 

Tailored guidance is provided so that there is minimum capital risk to you, even making available up to 100% private funding for acquisitions.

3. Take the next step - Sign up today. 

Find out more about our low cost 3+hour Boardroom seminar in London on Thursday 28th March 2019!   

INITIAL INTEREST:  To pre-register your interest for free

A. Click on the blue highlighted word 'Register' and order your ticket(s)

B. Select your number of ticket(s) and click the blue 'Continue' button

C. Enter your information in the 'Order Detail' page and click  'continue' to finish your order

D. If you are interested in finding out about other dates to attend, then contact me below.



Valerie Lothian

Organiser & Co-Ordinator

London Business Acquisitions Team.

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